Photos of Storm Damage in McHenry County

Storm damage on Paulson Road in Hartland Township northwest of Woodstock.

A friend of McHenry County Blog sent the following photos of  “storm damage on Paulson Road just south of Streit.

A map showing where the trees show here fell on Paulson Road south of Streit Road northwest of Woodstock.

Trees fell across the North-South Paulson Road.

“Behind this tree, hidden from view are about 15 more covering the roadway.

The "tornado warning" storm as it appeared on radar as it passed over the Woodstock area.

“A resident whose drive was also covered by several uprooted trees, said his power was also out.”

Former County Auditor Ruth Rooney gave the following account of the storm in Hartland Township. Her husband is Township Road Commissioner Mike Murphy.

Here’s her reply to my question about damage:

Oh Yes, quite a bit, a large tree down on McCauley Road, had to get it moved off the road, then an old grain bin of neighbors went down. Didn’t have to do anything with that.

That all was at 9:30 then at 10:30 many, many trees were across Paulsen Road, my husband didn’t get home until 2 AM.

During that time the electric lines went down on Deep Cut Road and he had to put up barricades to keep the traffic off.

Now he’s doing the cleanup on Paulsen road, pushing all the debri off the road, (and they’re trying to get rid of Townships NOT SMART). What a mess and we’re to get more late this afternoon or evening.

This damage is minor compared to the devastation in Joplin, Missouri, last night.

Not a building or tree can be seen in this image from the Weather Channel that was taken near the severely damaged St. John's Medical Center in Joplin.

I have a special interest in that city because my little sister and her family moved there in the early 1990’s.

This was a pretty busy road in western Joplin.

St. John’s Hospital was so badly damaged that patients had to be evacuated. One employee said there was only five minutes notice before the massive tornado hit.

It's hard to find a window at St. John's that was not blown out by the tornado

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