More Possible Legislative Candidates in Western Kane County, Southeastern McHenry County Districts

A Friend of McHenry County Blog from south of the Kane County border offers more thoughts on possible contenders for state representative and state senator:

Well, looks like the new map is going to pass without any substantial changes, assuming it’s passed by next Tuesday. There are definitely a lot of candidate names being floated from all over the district, particularly, the Senate district, including the article you wrote (about Orville Brettman), as well as a comment about a former D300 school board member, among others I’m sure you’re hearing about.

Maybe after the map is approved, you can start a series of McHenry County Blog posts about prospective candidates(?). This will make for some good reading, and likely, a spike in readership for the blog, as some Kane County residents discover your blog for the first time, given the upcoming elections for these seats.

Mike Tryon

Given your McHenry County perspective, I am very interested to hear what you have to say about the 2 more established, McHenry County residents who may enter either the Senate or House race — State Rep. Mike Tryon for the Republicans, and McHenry County Board Member Paula Yensen for the Democrats.

66th Illinois State Rep. District. Click to enlarge.

Paula Yensen

Knowing Tryon and Yensen have faced-off before for an open legislative seat back in 2004, I anticipate one will run in the election the other does not run. Given Yensen has significant connections to Kane County (and in particular, her job as executive director of the United Way of Central Kane County), and knowing the Democrats wouldn’t have proposed this districts’ boundaries without thinking they could pick up a seat or two, I see Yensen as one of the best, Democratic hopes, of increasing the Democratic numbers in Springfield. Of course, you know her better then I do, but I will be surprised if she does not run for either the senate or the house seat.

Tryon, obviously, being the only incumbent state legislator, would be a favorite in either race, but that’s no guarantee, given he is largely unknown in Kane County, and most Kane County residents nowadays do not like seeing McHenry County residents represent them (hasn’t happened since the 1980s due to the maps).

Allen Skillicorn

So, in addition to Mike Tryon and Paula Yensen, here are some of he other potential candidates who should be profiled, that I can determine are expressing an interest in either race, in no particular order:

  • East Dundee Village Trustee Allen Skillicorn (a TEA party local coordinator, has been given “critical acclaim” in the Geneva Patch by Beacon-News columnist Jeff Ward, for being a real TEA party success, locally).
  • Mark Davoust

  • Mark Davoust, Kane County Board Member Mark Davoust (R, St. Charles) (note, Mr. Davoust has over $11,000 in his campaign fund at this time, enough seed money to begin a campaign).
  • Former Kane County Board Member, and former West Dundee Village Trustee John B. Mayer (note, Mayer took early retirement from the village of Hoffman Estates Fire Dept at the end of 2010 (retired as a deputy chief), at age 51, so he has a lot of free time on his hands, and he’s close with State Rep. Tim Schmitz, who is also a former municipal official and a firefighter)
  • Former D300 School Board Member Chad Koppie (he’s got the money to easily self-fund a campaign).
  • Former Dundee Township Trustee and former West Dundee Village Trustee Paula Lauer (D, East Dundee) (Lauer is a Marketing director for McHenry County College, and has a very strong environmental record — enough ties to McHenry County to make her viable).
  • ChampionNews.Net editor and Rutland Township Precinct 1 Committeeman John Biver (Biver was a former LA to Senator [Steve] Rauschenberger, at one time). Many people read his posts at Champion News.

I am sure there are others, and many more names you may have heard from either side of the county line. Should make for quite a crowded field in both races.

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For candidates or perspective candidates reading this, McHenry County Blog will be pleased to publish your press releases, if the office’s map contains part of McHenry County.


More Possible Legislative Candidates in Western Kane County, Southeastern McHenry County Districts — 3 Comments

  1. Yensen has a record history of wanting a big tax increase.

    She is an extreme liberal who doesn’t care if high tax increases are destructive.

    She helped make Illinois broke and supported more tax increases for property taxes.

  2. I wouldn’t consider 11k in the bank a meaningful advantage… logistically that’s close to $0 for a state legislative campaign.

  3. Rick Zirk, Mayor of Gilberts, and Insurance broker and former Gilberts Trustee Cliff Surges are viable candidates for the 33rd Senate seat.

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