McHenry County Gains Congressional Clout

Peter Roskam has more than a little bit of McHenry County under the new map. His new 6th District will represent all of Algonquin Township, which has over 100,000 residents.

The fourth-ranking Republican in the United States Congress will represent the major part of Crystal Lake under the reapportionment map being pushed by Illinois Democrats.

Congressman Peter Roskam, who is Chief Deputy Whip, lives in Milton Township’s Wheaton, which is now in the 6th congressional district and will also be in the new 6th congressional district.

The new district includes all of Algonquin Township and runs all the way to the street in front of our home in Lakewood.

The rest of McHenry County is in the 14th district, where both Congressman Joe Walsh and Randy Hultgren live.

Walsh’s 8th District number has been appropriated by Democrats to create a district advocated by a Schaumburg Township Democrat in the House Reapportionment Committee hearing in Elgin.

Here is the way the lines run for the nearby districts.:

Just a now, this map shows two congressional districts being imposed on McHenry County by Illinois Democrats--District 6, now represented by Peter Roskam, and District 14, where freshmen Congressmen Joe Walsh and Randy Hultgren live. Also shown is District 8, which is Walsh's current number. It is designed to pick up every pocket of Democratic Party voters in the Northwest suburbs. Click to enlarge.

McHenry County’s having a member of the U.S. House Republican Leadership representing part of it reminds me of the 1980’s, when Congressman Dennis Hastert represented Coral Township.

Hastert only two precincts, maybe three, but it provided a future entree to the corridors of power in Washington.

Left without clear homes are Randy Hultgren, present incumbent in the 14th District and Joe Walsh.  Hultgren is just inside the eastern line of the district’s DuPage County line.

Walsh has had much of the Republican part of the Lake County part of his district put elsewhere.  His Fox Lake district office has been put in the 10th District, which has no incumbent.

Current 10th District Congressman Robert Dold lives south of its upcoming line.


McHenry County Gains Congressional Clout — 4 Comments

  1. As your loyal Wheaton reader I can tell you that Roskam has regular (every 3 weeks or so) informative telelphone conference calls in the evening with interested constituents. You get a robocall and if you want to listen in you do so, if you want to talk you hit a button and go into the que.

    Today Roskam spoke at Monroe Middle School in Wheaton as the parents of James Howard Monroe presented the school with their sons posthumously awarded Congressional Medal of Honor. James was a medic who threw himself on a grenade in Vietnam to save the lives of two others and prevent likely injuries of many more.

  2. I guess I will be saying good bye to MCB. From now on I will just lurk to catch relevant news (Cal you are good at that…Thank you).

    Walsh is way out of my district as I am sure this map will pass poste haste.
    Time to focusing on finding a statesman for my new district.

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