Lake in the Hills’ Take on Budget Cutting and Pam Althoff’s Response

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Local Government Distributive Fund

The state is faced with a $13 billion budget deficit. This budget deficit has been allowed to grow over several years while local governments have been reducing their budgets to align spending with lower revenue projections.

9-12 Patriots demonstration on Randall Road for lower taxes.

Despite several years of hard decisions and painful sacrifice, local governments are in danger of losing even more scarce revenue. These losses would not come from natural revenue declines, but by any act of the General Assembly.


Policymakers in Springfield are discussing ideas to reduce the massive state budget deficit. Two proposals in particular advocate for reductions in state-collected local government revenues. These revenues are used in funding social services, public safety, transportation and infrastructure.

“We are proposing that the governor’s proposed budget needs to be reduced,” Senator Althoff said. “Would I consider that 5 percent reduction as a possibility? Yes. Do I want it to be at the top of my priority list? No. But at this particular juncture, what we’re trying to do is share in the pain and do it as reasonably and responsibly as possible, meaning there are no sacred cows. Everyone will feel the pain.”

Some have called for $300 million in cuts from revenue that is collected by the state on behalf of local governments. This kind of revenue diversion would amount to a loss of $23.40 per municipal resident. The revenue loss for the Village of Lake in the Hills would be $677,781.

The loss of these critical revenues would jeopardize the Village’s ability to maintain current service levels. The Village has already pushed its limits with the cuts endured.

Losing any state-collected local government revenue could affect the Village’s ability to fund priorities like public safety, social services, and basic infrastructure. The Village has already eliminated any excess and would be forced to cut core and essential community services.

Residents would absolutely notice the cuts.

What you can do:

Contact Senator Althoff to express your concerns:

Springfield Office:
Senator 32nd District
M103E Capitol Building
Springfield, IL 62706

District Office:
1 North Virginia St.
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
= = = = =

If you want to make contact, I would suggest calling Springfield. That’s where legislators are.

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