Tom Roeser, R.I.P.

Tom Roeser on a Family PAC cruise.

I’ve been checking in on Tom Roeser’s blog periodically, but haven’t seen any new posts since the middle of the month.

Since then, WLS-AM announced that he would no longer host his Sunday evening show. That announcement has been updated here.

Now I read that he has died.

Roeser’s historical perspective and political insight will leave more than the Illinois political community with a less complete picture of why and how things happen.

Those who knew him have no doubt where his soul is now.

Here is the Chicago Tribune obituary.


Tom Roeser, R.I.P. — 2 Comments

  1. Many years on having not a single Republican majority, in a lot of years, wasn’t anything he was successful at.

    Maybe it was fatal learning how Tryon was part of killing a common-sense reform that was made yesterday.

  2. Sorry for his passing and best of will to his family. God Bless you, Tom.

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