Walsh Chastises President on Debt Ceiling Publicity Stunt

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh:

Rep. Walsh releases statement why he did not attend President Obama’s debt ceiling meeting at the White House yesterday

WASHINGTON – Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) today made the following statement on why he did not attend the debt ceiling meeting at the White House with President Obama yesterday:

Joe Walsh isn't afraid of the heat as this photo from the long piece on ABC TV shows. He is standing in front of an open furnace as Spring Grove's Scot Forge.

“Yesterday, House Republicans went to the White House to discuss the debt ceiling with President Obama. I did not go.

“The way I saw it, the entire purpose of the meeting, initiated by the President, was to convince the American people that he is engaged on this issue.

“I did not want to be a prop in his stage play.

“I give my Republican Leadership loads of credit in showing good faith and accepting the President’s offer to meet.

“But this President is not serious when it comes to solving the debt ceiling debacle, nor is he committed to solving our debt crisis.

“If he were actually serious about getting something done, he would have met quietly with a few Republicans and a few Democrats in a private conference room somewhere, without any media. He would have rolled up his sleeves and tried to hammer out some agreement.

“Instead, he invited the entire Republican Conference to a big lecture and let the media in on it.

“This President is not committed to solving our debt crisis.

“He’s a smart man who has a different vision.

“His big government policies are bankrupting this and future generations, and suffocating small businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit of this county.

“Just look at yesterday’s continuing slog of negative economic news.

“Things will only turn around when Washington is forced to spend less than it takes in.

“And when we cut and simplify taxes so businesses can grow again, be competitive and hire people once more.

“The entire meeting yesterday was a political exercise with the goal of showing the media and the country that his President is doing something.

“I had no interest in being part of such a stunt.

“I’d rather actually do something.”

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