McHenry Police Attack Synthetic Drugs

A press release from the McHenry Police Department:

McHenry Police Conduct Compliance Checks on synthetic drugs

sold in McHenry businesses

During the week of May 31st 2011, Investigators with the McHenry Police Department visited retail businesses within the City of McHenry in an effort to educate business owners, managers and employees about new Illinois law governing the possession and sale of specific illegal synthetic drugs and synthetic drugs that can be identified as controlled substance analogs.

During the course of this detail, Investigators visited twenty-two businesses within McHenry. Owners, managers and employees were educated on the new Illinois law during each visit.

In January of 2011 Illinois law makers identified two specific strands of these synthetic drugs and made them illegal to sell, possess and consume.

These two strands are commonly known as “K2” and “Spice” and carry the illegal drugs JWH-018 and JWH-073.

Furthermore law makers passed a law making it illegal to possess a controlled substance analog.

An analog is a sythetic drug that is either similar in chemical structure or produces a similar effect as a known controlled substance when consumed.

Within the last five months the McHenry City Police have responded to and investigated three separate medical emergency incidents in which four subjects had to be medically treated after inhaling a synthetic drug.

These medical emergencies have become a concern.

Many people believe that these synthetic drugs are not harmful and it is ok to use them.

This is not true.

It is unknown what the medical side effects of synthetic drugs are at this time, but people using these drugs have had reactions that require medical attention.

Business owners have been educated and made aware of the enforcement efforts on behalf of the McHenry City Police.

McHenry City Police will continue to conduct compliance checks with businesses and follow up on investigations that are linked to the illegal possession, use and sale of controlled substances and controlled substance analogs. The McHenry City Police are committed to educating the community and informing the public of the risks that surround the use of these illegal synthetic drugs.

Those with questions or concerns about the use of synthetic drugs are welcome to contact the McHenry Police for further information.


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  1. Cal, maybe one of your readers can advise us as to how these drugs are placed forth?

    Are these ‘stand alone’ or are are they an ingredient within some over the counter everyday used type medication.

    Thank you for any advise. We are trying to keep ‘Sesame Street” a “Drug Free” family oriented village.

    Mayor Big Bird

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