State Rep. Mark Beaubien Dies at House GOP Fund Raiser in Arlington Heights

Mark and his wife Dee attended the Republican Play Day in McHenry last year.

When I last saw Republican State Rep. Mark Beaubien of Barrington Hills he was headed to a Republican caucus the day Illinois Democrats unveiled the reapportionment map that Governor Pat Quinn just signed.

He did not look well but he was smiling broadly.

We shook hands, exchanged some small talk and it was off to work for him.  It was upstairs to a senator’s office to get copies of the map for me.

Word has just been received that he passed away today.  He was attending the House of Representatives Annual Fund Raiser at Arlington Park Racecourse when he collapsed.

As I remember we are about the same age.

Those riding in the back seats of automobiles will have to wear seat belts once Mark Beaubien's bill is signed.

Beaubien was part of the group led by Tom Cross that took control of Illinois House Republicans from long-time Leader Lee Daniels.  Beaubien ended up the top budget guy.

This year he was absent a good deal of the session.

Nevertheless, he was the House sponsor of a bill to require back seat riders to wear seat belts.

Those of us with political minds immediately think of the political ramifications.

What came to my mind was that McHenry County Board member Donna Kurtz lives on the east side of Walkup Avenue, which is the boundary of Beaubien’s new district.

Beaubien and Kurtz are ideologically similar.  Both are fiscal conservatives and social liberals.  Krutz’ mother, Rosemary, served two terms in the Illinois House after beating me in the 2000 GOP primary election.


State Rep. Mark Beaubien Dies at House GOP Fund Raiser in Arlington Heights — 8 Comments

  1. May the Lord grant his wife and family peace through this troubling time.

    I would like to see Barbara Wheeler appointed to his seat.

  2. Library Board member and minor league baseball team owner Joe Stefani would be an excellent candidate for the new term. Young, conservative, roots in the district, and a strong volunteer for the party. An up and comer.

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