McHenry County Sheriff’s 1997 Internal Documents Posted on Internet

There is a new blog called “The Real McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Exposed” that has published fifteen pages of an internal investigation.

The top post on Zane Seipler's blog today concerns his analyisis of the "No way, Jose" report on the investigaion of racial profiling in the McHenry County Sheriff's Department.

The name of the blog is a take off on former Deputy Zane Seiper’s blog, “McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Exposed.

On the new blog are posted fifteen pages of Sheriff’s department reports from August of 1997.

They have to do with a traffic stop on Route 173.

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Perhaps some people will read the reports that someone xeroxed at the time
I have copied headers from the documents:

That will give you some idea of what this is about. I’m hoping some commenter will share with readers why someone when through the effort to post this series of reports.

Here are some more parts of the chain:

You can read this report on the new blog.

This full report is also on the new blog.


McHenry County Sheriff’s 1997 Internal Documents Posted on Internet — 4 Comments

  1. I have to wonder. These seem like serious incidents. Checking out the names, Penna, Miller and Schmidt are all now in supervisory positions. It also makes me question the validity of “internal investigations”.

  2. In my line of work, I read police reports. I have literally read thousands of them. I can’t remember a report where the responding officer equivocates what he saw as was done in this report. This report is literally, one out of a thousand. His equivocation makes this matter unchargeable. I do not believe this was lost on the deputy making the report.

  3. Watching, go to the blog and read the 2 new posts. Interested in your take.

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