Fast Pitch Softball Women Sought for Exhibition Scheduled in Crystal Lake

Jack Sebesta, President of McHenry County Youth Sports Association, offers the following press release:

On Tuesday, August 2nd, McHenry County Youth Sports Association (MCYSA) will host the world famous King & His Court Fast Pitch Softball team for an exhibition game at Lippold Park.

The KHC are the Harlem Globetrotters of the softball world and 2011 will be the 65th and final year for this world renowned group.

With only four players they take on entire teams and wow the crowd with their antics!!

The game (7:00 PM) is a part of the week-long festivities for the 19th Annual MCYSA International Baseball Championships which will be held July 29 – August 7 in Crystal Lake, Cary, Woodstock and LITH.

The game will also be a fundraiser for the MCYSA Justin Schroeder Memorial Scholarship Program which awards $4,000.00 per year to local student/athletes to further their post-high school educations.

MCYSA is “Looking for a few Good Fast Pitch Women”!!

MCYSA is putting together a team of District 155 graduates who played fast pitch softball in high school and/or college to compete against the KHC in the exhibition game.

If you, or someone you know, is a recent D155 fast pitch softball grad and would like to participate in this once in a lifetime game – Contact MCYSA at

Admission to the game is open to the general public and is $3.00 at the gate.

If you purchase a tournament pass for the MCYSA International Championships – admission to the KHC exhibition game is included. Don’t miss this Last Opportunity Ever to see the King and His Court.

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