Where Do the Rich and Poor Live in McHenry County?

A very interesting set of spreadsheets showed up in my mailbox.  It’ll take some time to figure out what all the information means, but today I’ll share a comparison of 2008 household income among McHenry County’s 17 townships.

Those earning the most money live in Seneca Township.


Why would have guessed?

Seneca starts in the Woodstock area and goes west into the area north of Union.

Number 2 is tiny (in area) Burton Township in the far northeastern portion of McHenry County.

Grafton Township came in third at $91,991.

Another lightly populated township near Woodstock, Hartland, located just north of Seneca Township northwest of Woodstock, placed 4th in the household income sweepstakes.

The rural township of Coral, south of Seneca Township, and west of Grafton, came in 5th.

The county’s largest township, Algonquin, scored 6th.  $85,683.

Seventh was another of the top four townships in population, Nunda.

Richmond was eighth.

Ninth was Riley Township, located in the southwestern corner of McHenry County.

Tenth was Alden, a rural township on the Wisconsin border west of Harvard.

McHenry County map of townships and municipalities.

McHenry Township, the second largest in population, ranked 11th in household income with $68,354.  The township includes Wonder Lake east of the lake.

Twelfth was Greenwood Township.  It starts at the funeral home on Route 47 and runs north.  It covers the western side of Wonder Lake.

Number 13 was Marengo Township. It is bisected by Routes 23 and 20.  Route 176’s western terminus is Marengo.

Hebron is fourteenth  in family income at $63,462.

Dorr Township is fifteenth.  Most of Woodstock is locate there. It runs from the far northwestern part of Crystal Lake through Bull Valley to the county seat.  Average income is $62,062.

Next to the bottom is Chemung Township, which is where Harvard and Lawrence are located…in the northwest corner of the county bordering Boone County and Wisconsin.

The lowest income level is in the township just south of Chemung.  It includes the southern part of Harvard where most of the stores are located.  The average household income is $53,095.


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  1. I don’t understand what this is supposed to show. Where are these numbers from and what do the large digits on the right purport? I know that personally my household income was way larger than the number under my township here. Who is gathering this list and how?

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