Evanston Police Station Bomber Straight Out of “Dumb and Dumber”

Three aerial display mortar shells, fireworks explosive devices, were made into a bomb placed behind an Evanston, Illinois, Police Substation.

Sergio Chaves, 19, of Chicago was charged with one felony count of possession of an unregistered destructive device.

From what I read in the affidavit of Eric Dornbusch, a special Agent of the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco and Explosives. the 19-year old may have figured out how to make a bomb, but he didn’t figure out a lot of other details of how to commit a crime without being detected.

Here are some examples of what one should not do that Chaves did:

  • He called the Evanston Police Substation and told the office he was making a bomb and intended to use it in Skokie or Evanston the same day. (She recognized his voice.)
  • the words "Once Upon a Time" appear on the DVD movie box cover, the other part of which was found in the kid's room.

  • He called four hours later and told the office that the bomb was behind the Substation in a garbage can.
  • In the bag with the bomb was part of a DVD movie cover.  He left the other part in his room at home.
  • There was also part of a black watch box.  The rest was in his room.
  • There was a 22 caliber bullets in the bomb.  Two more were in his room.
  • There were about forty nails that the guy hoped would be shrapnel.  He left one just like it in his room at home.
  • The garbage container behind the Evanston Police Substation where the bomb was placed.

    An officer called the about five hours later at 1:35 AM an revealed he had been given the “bomb” and delivered it to the Police Station.

  • Then, he agreed to come to the Police Station.  He arrived about 3 AM.
  • The guy said he thought he was being given marijuana, but later figured out it was a bomb.
  • At 6 AM he consented to have his apartment (number 506) at 6030 N. Kenmore, searched.  He lived with his father.
  • At 11 AM he admitted he built the bomb and put it in the trash can.

The admitted bomb maker said he wanted to make some money from tipping off the police about the bomb.

This guy is more than one brick short of a load.

I wonder if he can plead “diminished capacity.”


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