The Grafton Township Legal Bills for March and April, 2011

The legal bills of Grafton Township for March and April, 2011, follow:

The analysis shows that of the$16,313.20, 82.3% was billed by Ancel Glink, the law firm representing Grafton Township’s Trustees.  The dollar amount is $13,430.05.

John Nelson, attorney for Township Supervisor Linda Moore billed $2,883.15.


The Grafton Township Legal Bills for March and April, 2011 — 14 Comments

  1. There appears to be missing information in regards to Nelson’s bills.

  2. Note only missing items but see how nearly 50% of Nelson’s “bills” are travel charges. I hope he actually did some work for that kinds of payday. That Porsche convertable has gotta be paid off by now.

  3. If you look at the cost of the court appearance on 3/11…Nelson billed $937.50 for that day versus $665.94 for Ancel-Glink. Why is there a $500 charge to travel to and from the court house? Very arbutrary number and very costly. What kind of gas is he using?

    No matter the cost of either attorney, it’s too high all around. The township should not be spending the crazy amount of money it is on court related expenses but it seems like going to court is the only way that Supervisor Moore wants to do business.

  4. It looks like the trustees are the ones who like to go to court, just look at the size of the bills from their lawyers.

  5. There are 15 charges from Attorney Nelson and 79 charges from Ancel-Glink, if I have counted correctly. If they are opposing attorneys, why are the charges more like 15 to 15?

  6. Ancel-Glink charged 26 times to REVIEW various matters, often repetitively the same matters. They charged 16 times regarding the Cowen bill and then initiated settling the bill. Why not settle the bill before charging 16 times? They charged 8 times to represent Forensicon, a vendor, not a township official. They also charged to do work for a resident named Maggie Darr?

  7. Tom Grafton, get your facts straight. One $500 line item does not make 50% of the total bill for two months = $2883. I get 17%, 500/2883 = 17% Time to check your math skills!!

  8. Wow, the Cowen bill is for initial meetings with Linda Moore for the lawsuit Nelson ended up bringing against the trustees. Evidently Cowen didn’t want to take Linda’s business.

    The whole Forensicon issue would have been eliminated if Linda had admitted to the fact that she deleted the financial files off of the township computers and took them home.

    As for these bills in their entirety, they would not have occurred if Linda wasn’t suing the trustees and the township.

  9. So you think the trustees have an oen checkbook to run up charges on the taxpayers if they come up with an excuse?

  10. Nothing is verifiable on this invoice “comparison”…people who authorize legal work and payment of such services should be held accountable. Taxpayers need to start firing incompetents. Law firm have one interest only…the law firm they work for.

  11. To verify this look at the legal bills themselves and check the comparison for accuracy. I believe they were previously posted on this blog. Obviously the only interest Ancel Glink has in Grafton Township is the chargeable hours that they can rack up for the taxpayers to pay. You can verify this by looking at Village of Island lake, Newport Township and Wheatland Township.

  12. And the only interest Nelson has in Grafton Township is being able to charge twice his normal rate.

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