Lt. Gov. Shiela Simon Coming to McHenry County College

Information from McHenry County College about a visit from Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon Monday:

McHenry County College from the northeast.

WHAT: MCC Roundtable Discussion with Lt. Governor Sheila Simon


WHERE: McHenry County College Building B (Employee Dining Room – Room B177C)

WHEN: Monday, June 27, 2011 at 12:00-1:00 p.m. CST

Description: On Monday, June 27, Lt. Governor Sheila Simon and her staff will be at McHenry County College. This summer, she is visiting community colleges across the state as part of her efforts to encourage increase in completion rates. We have provided her with answers to the following questions, information which will be available at the discussion:

  1. What is MCC doing to increase completion rates?
  2. What is MC doing to connect students to the workforce?
  3. What data can you share that shows both/either of these efforts are successful?
  4. What challenges does MCC face in terms of completion? And how can the state help address those challenges?

MCC employees and students will participate in a roundtable discussion with the Lt. Governor to further address these questions and highlight points of pride that reflect the College’s persistence and student engagement efforts. Following this roundtable, a small team will accompany her on a tour of the campus facilities. Ultimately, the information we provide will contribute to supplemental data given to the Governor and the General Assembly in a year-end report.

The last time I was in the MCC Faculty Dining Room, the last meeting by the St. Louis tax hike consultant was being held.

All are invited to attend and listen to the roundtable discussion focused on completion and persistence efforts at McHenry County College. Thank you.

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