"Shawshank Redemption" star Tim Robbins in the prison yard.

Dennis Miller was not optimistic about the future of former Governor Rod Blagojevich.

He called him “BlagojeFISH.”

As many of you may know, my legislative social conscience cause during the 1990’s was stopping rape in prison.

The stories, given wide publicity by the 1994 movie “The Shawshank Redemption,” are about how toughened inmates watch the newly-incarcerated walk by yelling,

“New fish!”

Will an inmate come up to Rod Blagojevich and say, "I like your hair"?


BlagojeFISH? — 2 Comments

  1. I thought I’d feel ??? good ??? over Blago being found guilty after all this time. That balloon popped when I was back in reality. He’s just one in a line of many coming and going who do the same darned thing. They’re all hotshots. They get fame, praise, bucks, and some of them get caught. But, in the world of everyday, these folks are cutting deals left and right.

    We tell our children not to lie, cheat, steal. We teach them that their wiggle room answers to who they’re going out with, where, when, etc. are wrong/lies. Then “we” show them what we do and tell them to NOT do as we do but as we tell them to do.

    What line did this or that word cross? Was it right to “trade” this or that – especially Chicago, Illinois style? Too many of them think it’s right. And We elect them since in our own little worlds we too often cross some line. Knowing something just isn’t fully straight up, we do it anyway. Keeping extra change from a cashier. Not bringing an under ring up to the attention of a cashier. Wiggles here and wiggles there until it reaches the big time.

    And no amount ever seems to be enough. There is always the lure as to what they can get away with at the top or in the middle…just one more buck, one more deal to set them up for life. Throwing everyone else and integrity under the bus and then being surprised that people thought it was wrong. Giant EGO Sandwich anyone?

    Human beings – wonderful at times and jerks and users the next. Using the excuse that this somehow makes us survivors instead of better people. Somewhere right now in McHenry County or in some School District or in some union – people are being crookedly sly or intimidating today. Secret meetings that come just shy of being illegal, intended to work around the intent of the law.

    I realize that this is one fish down – one fish that cost TAXPAYERS a lot of time, grief, money and made us laughing stocks across the planet (if anyone still cares). And he’ll probably walk in under ten years even though some say he could be hit for far more based on the charges.

    I’m also tired of him talking about his “little daughters”. He should have thought about that before.

  2. If the courts REALLY wanted to send a message, the judge should consider an upward departure from the sentencing guidelines and “warehouse” Blagojevich for as long as he can.

    A sentence of 20-30 years (or even more), which actually would be SERVED just might wake up some of these clowns.

    Keeping the sentences “low” like Ryan’s and allowing them to serve them in minimum security or “country club prisons” obviously does not work.

    To fall back upon the argument that the sentence imposed is not consistent with the sentences of others similarly convicted doesn’t fly.

    If a part of the theory in imprisoning offenders is to serve as a deterrent, it’s obvious that the sentences handed out in the past have had little effect. Fresh on the heels of Ryan’s imprisonment, we see Gov Hairpoo strive for and attain new heights in corruption.

    His daughters?

    A father is a role model.

    They would be better served emulating a street boss in the Gangster Disciples – at least they are honest about what they are – thugs and crooks!

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