Fleming Road Truck Weight & Speed Limits

A sixth note to the McHenry County Board from the Fleming Road Alliance:

To:  Ken Koehler, Chair, McHenry County Board; County Board Members

From: Fleming Road Alliance

Re: Update on Fleming Road Alliance Position on Improvements for Fleming Road.

Dear County Board Representatives:

Speed Limits and Weight Postings: These are two major safety measures that impact the entire design.

Bull Valley Riding Club trails cross, residents walk, run and bike – even world class bicyclists – and sight-seers enjoy the road.

Safety and convenience of the residents and slow moving travelers is as important, if not more important, than the speedy passage of the traveler passing through in a vehicle.

TranSystems has stated that Illinois law prevents a lowering of the speed to less than 35 mph.

We have asked for a cite to that law repeatedly and not been answered. We would like the speed limit reduced to 30 mph. The number of driveways along the road, combined with the rolling topography, make it imperative to keep speed down and truck traffic to a minimum.

There are a number of examples where our County Roads have a 30 mph speed limit – providing precedent.

We also are requesting the County Board to set a weight limit on Fleming Road that is 6 tons per axle.

Limiting heavy vehicles will dramatically improve the longevity of this pavement and investment.

The gentle rolling hills and curves of Fleming Road were never made for 80,000 lb trucks (and soon to be 97,000 lb trucks by pending federal legislation).

It is dangerous and destructive to have them on the road.

We request that the County Board set the speed and weight for the entire length of Fleming Rd. at the lowest allowed by law.

Fleming Road Alliance Organizing Committee

Ed Bennett, Mary Moltman. Lisa Rhoades, Marti Jadd, Linda Ramsey, Stanley Jarosz, Phyllis Keinz, Kevin Keesee, Emily Berendt, Deb Staley, Bjorn Mattsson

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