Jack Franks Cancels Appearance at Spring Grove Parade

Now that he has jettisoned the people of Spring Grove from his 63rd District, State Rep. Jack Franks sees no need to participate in their 4th of July Parade. Click to enlarge.

Now that Democrat State Rep. Jack Franks has dumped the Spring Grove precincts he lost to Republican John O’Neill, Franks has no need to press the flesh prior to the next election.

When you’re part of the majority, a representative can keep the parts of his district where he did well and get rid of the precincts he lost.

So, Spring Grove is no longer in Franks’ new 63rd state representative district.

And Franks is skipping the parade.  Nothing else on his schedule on Independence Day.

John O’Neill, however, will be in the parade.

I checked with him and he says he plans to be in the Spring Grove parade on July 4th.

He will be there for Ray Chevrolet in Fox Lake and wants everybody to know that when you are looking for a vehicle,

“If you want a deal, see John O’Neill.” 

Hmm, whom would I rather have represent me in Springfield, a lawyer or a car salesman?

And in Congress, Melissa Bean or Joe Walsh?

And as President, Barack Obama or some Republican?

I’ll keep my John O’Neill bumper sticker.


Jack Franks Cancels Appearance at Spring Grove Parade — 2 Comments

  1. oh Cal,

    Not everything is a conspiracy. Before drawing outlandish conclusions based on murky suppositions – perhaps consider Jack just wasn’t available or had other plans. Do you know otherwise? Of course you don’t.

    This is one of those opportunities for you to remove the tin roil from you head and roll up the shades in the dark room you spout your ignorance.

  2. My father used to say that if something is logical, then it probably happened.

    A politician decided not to campaign (and that’s what walking parades is all about) where he will not be on the ballot next year makes all sorts of sense.

    There is no conspiracy involved.

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