MCC Taxpayers “Only” on the Hook for Walt Packard’s and Wife’s Health Benefits for Another Year

Walt Packard in his Golden Parachute

From a press release about the retirement package provided McHenry County College President Walt Packard by the MCC Board of Trustees:

Dr. Packard will also continue to be enrolled in the College’s medical, dental, and vision insurance plans through June 30, 2010, and upon his retirement as President Emeritus, the College will pay the Board’s percentage share of the premium cost of health insurance coverage for

  • Dr. Packard and
  • his spouse

for the period from July 1, 2010 through August 21, 2012.

Since ex-President still has a year of McHenry County College tax paid health benefits, I thought you might like to celebrate the anniversary by not going out to eat.

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