Linda Moore Supporter Goes After Township Trustees

From Loretta Wuich, a regular attendee of Grafton Township meetings:

Township government.

Is it worth the cost?

Yes, when the supervisor is allowed to do the job we have elected them to do, they can perform many benefits for the taxpayer.

But when you have a situation such as we have in Grafton Township that seems to grow bigger and uglier each month, it defeats the purpose of township government.

I have attended many meetings and witnessed the insults the trustees have directed toward the supervisor, but even worse are the insults made directly to some senior citizens in the taxpayer audience, who elected them but have the audacity to question some of their motives.

I know this for a fact as I was told to by the Trustees shut up or leave when I spoke during public comments and questioned some of their motives.

Trustee Gerry McMahon sits with his back to the Grafton Township Board meeting audience. Trustees Barb Murphy, Rob LaPorta and Betty Zirk have faces that can be seen.

Also, to show the disdain he has for the audience, Trustee McMahon actually sits with his back to us at every meeting. How professional!

It’s unbelievable!

Should we reward this kind of behavior with our tax money?

Would you trust anyone like this with your money?

If at one meeting they would do something beneficial for taxpayers instead of doing their best to defeat the supervisor … yes it does give you pause to really consider abolishing township government.

It is time for township government to shape up and be good stewards of our money!

We can’t wait for the next election.

When will the responsible township officials and other local elected officials put some pressure on these Grafton Trustees to shape up?

Make no mistake, it is the trustees of Grafton Township

  • creating the problems;
  • fanning the flames of anger and distrust;
  • costing every taxpayer in the township with their illegal actions and arrogance.

As a longtime observer of the antics of these trustees, I ask that as voters we remember these four trustees when they are up for election in 2013 and send them packing. They do a horrible disservice to all other townships that operate effectively and efficiently.

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The Grafton Township Board meeting is Thursday, July 14th, at 7:30 at the Huntley Park District Building.


Linda Moore Supporter Goes After Township Trustees — 27 Comments

  1. The faceless one is sure a poor example of a representative of Sun City where he resides.

  2. Loretta forgot to mention driving the food pantry away, stealing the financials, attempts to hike fees paid by Grafton’s seniors, suing everyone and failing to have the finances audited. The trustees? NOT! That’s all Linda, all of the time! Stop drinking the Kool-Aid Loretta.

  3. Most, if not all, of these Trustees have expressed a public desire to not run again for this position. It is a political reality these people are tainted and a personal reality they are burned out. An entirely new board will likely be offered and elected. This, however, is only half the issue.

    To attempt to exhonerate Ms. Moore of all responsibility is naive at best. This is a woman who, by her behavior, shows an enormous disdain for Grafton Township and the law. She has initiated legal proceedings against the Township before and during her tenure which have cost far more than any savings she could possibly offer at this point. She has so little understanding of what it means to be a Supervisor of a Township she relies upon Judge Caldwell to make decisions rather than leading a group of elected leaders in the faithful execution of their duties for The People. Her previous business dealings told us what kind of people she and her husband were and yet she was elected. Her refusal to be audited for so long, as she is mandated by law to perform, is a great cause for concern.

    This whole group has become dysfunctional and Ms. Moore is the elected leader of the group. If a mere squad leader had this kind of dysfunction in their squad they would be removed and reprimanded. How much more responsibility does a Township Supervisor have and what should the voters in Grafton offer to Ms. Moore on election day? At the very least we should politely show her the door and ask her never to return.

  4. Mr. McMahon is not turning his back on the audience. He is turning his back on the man who videotapes the meetings who attacked him after a meeting.

  5. I’ve been to a few of the meetings and wondered why Mr. McMahon had is back turned away. Even tho the video-taping annoys Mr. McMahon, I wish he’d consider his higher obligation to the voters that are there. It seems immature for him to act the way he does (sometimes shouting/screaming, etc).

  6. As a resident of Grafton Township, there are many, many of us who “can’t wait” for the next township election, and they are not Moore’s supporters. The low turnout and apathy that put Ms. Moore in office in the first place will not be repeated.

    She stored the sole copy of the Township’s financials on a single flash drive that she alone possessed and took home with her every night. Anyone with an iota of common sense or belief in good government should agree that for that reason alone she doesn’t deserve to be in office.

  7. If she stole something from the township, why are all criminal investigations dropped?

  8. Preferred Option: Abolish Grafton Township and save the taxpayers some $$ (I know there are legal issues because IL loves layers of government). Option #2: Replace everyone that holds a current position with a better (almost anything breathing) replacement.

  9. @ Wow:

    anonymous did not say she “stole” the financial records, just that she(LM) took the SOLE (meaning only or no other) copy of the records on a flash drive. This is a very dangerous practice because 1) those flash drives can become corrupt very quickly and all information lost, 2) or the flash drive itself can be misplaced. Then what?

    A food pantry is at the Grafton offices, not THE food pantry. LM booted out the original Grafton Food Pantry almost as soon as she was elected. What was her reasoning for this? Oh that’s right, she thought they were misusing their funds and she wanted access to their financial records. This coming from someone who still doesn’t have an audit of Township financials. And speaking of Linda’s GA Food Pantry, how does she feel about duping young girls into donating to her “food pantry” to further her political agenda?

    And speaking of the senior buses… long will it take before a senior can ride the bus after they fill out the application?…..10 days?

    I love how the finger is always pointed at the trustees for raising fees but there is no mention of the mounting legal fees, totaling over $500k, due to a direct result of Linda’s, ‘If I don’t get my way, I’ll just sue them.’ mind set.

    One more thing, slightly off topic, Why does Linda continue to include a $300k payoff of the road district loan when the TAXPAYERS have already voted to accept the 3 yr agreement….at least until an audit can be done. The TAXPAYERS have spoken, Linda, quick playing your slimy game and stop trying to slip that item in with the bills.

  10. Linda Moore took financial records to her HOME. Her HOME. Her HOME. And where is the 2009 audit, Linda?

    Cal if Linda Moore wasn’t a personal friend of your’s, you wouldn’t be defending her. Or maybe you would be.

    Linda Moore and the absurd group who sued are a JOKE. They assume the voters are stupid but we are not. One of the families who sued to stop the new building originally tried to sell their own land to the township for that new building. Only when they weren’t going to personally profit, did they object. Keep in mind that between that little group, their families have received MILLIONS of dollars in our tax dollars in the form of farm subsidies (something Cal is hypocritically silent on)

    Linda can’t fool people any longer – the Sun City residents she bussed in to the special meeting she called voted against her, once they heard the facts.

    where is the audit, Linda? Where is the audit Linda?

  11. So, you are more interested in the personalities than the issues then?

  12. Please cite the statute that says the township supervisor is not responsible for the township financial records.

  13. Which item on the annual/special town meeting agenda are you referring to?

  14. Linda,
    Before I answer your questions, will you please answer mine?

  15. For Kool-aid drinking Wow-

    FROM FEN: “Moore Merry Christmas: Surprise Senior Bus Fare Increase

    Six days after a McHenry County Judge tried to clarify the balance of power between the Grafton Township Supervisor and the rest of the Grafton Board, Linda Moore jacked up the price of a ride to the Grafton Township Food Pantry 100 percent.

    Township trustees were outraged. First, it was to the Pantry. Second it was nine days before Christmas. Third, only two months ago they’d voted, with just Moore dissenting, to crank the price back to $1 each way.”

  16. Cal, why won’t you post all comments here? I wanted to know why Linda is taking financial records to her home.

    and why one of the families who sued to stop the Township building supported that building when they were in fact trying to sell their own land to the township.

    I know you are friends with all of them, but come on.

  17. Linda Moore – I am referring to the Special meeting where it was voted NOT to pay back the loan in one lump sum, and to follow the plan that the trustees had implemented

    everyone knew how dishonest you were once they realized you still haven’t done a 2009 audit.

  18. The fact is, there was no item on the annual/special meeting agenda that allowed the electors to approve the intergovernmental agreement that you are referring to. Baseless accusations do not have a place on this blog or anywhere else.

  19. WOW – Please post the retraction.

    Way is Linda talking from both sides of her mouth about her new food pantry. First she said its a “General Assistance (GA)” food pantry. During a recent meeting she said it was not. Which is it Linda? I’ll quite down now . . . lest Linda sue me!

  20. “SHE” – you mean yourself, Linda. And Um, Linda CALLED the special meeting to repay in one lump sum. THAT is a fact. yes, she stayed out in the hallway a large portion of the meeting, and didn’t really act like a professional and answer questions from the taxpayers, but she and her friends (you know, the ones who supported the new building when they stood to profit from it) called that special meeting.

    And initially the large group bused in followed Linda and voted overwhelmingly for her choice of moderator, that rude gentleman who calls on his dad to speak a lot.

    But after hearing the facts (where are the audits, Linda?) that large group did NOT support Linda’s agenda that evening.

    those are the facts. It is all on tape.

    And Linda Moore is not trying to help people or she wouldn’t have targeted the food pantry, and would have always publicized the location of that food pantry too. Linda is trying to just just enough to get re-elected to a salaried job that provides completely free health care insurance. As far as I can tell, she’s never held an actual job outside of her family’s own business, which probably explains the extreme unprofessionalism.

  21. WOW wrote: “Does it matter? She is trying to help people.”

    It DOES matter. It speaks to her/you character.

    Please post FEN’s retraction.

  22. And Linda/WOW – many of us were AT the special meeting. You called it to get approval to pay back the loan in one lump sum. You wanted to spend that money, despite not even producing audits (and keeping financial records at your home, something workers in the private sector would be fired for).

    So quit with the technicalities and either answer questions or quit posting. what a joke. I know you and Cal are good personal friends, so I suppose that is why you have to keep returning here.

    Why did you take financial records to your home, Linda Moore? And why is the audit more than ONE YEAR late?

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