Huntley and Johnsburg Hire Lobbyists for Springfield

Thanks to Boone County Watchdog for pointing me to the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform’s report on lobbyists hired by units of local and state government.

I looked at the data base and found Huntley and Johnsburg listed.

Who are the lobbyists?

The report gives no indication of what the lobbyists did for either village.

Huntley retained a company called Morreale Public Affairs Group.  Kim Morreale is its principal.

Johnsburg hired the firm of Advanced Practical Solutions, which lists Sheri Osmani and Milan Petrovic as lobbyists.  Contractual relationships exist with

  • Government Navigation Group, and
  • Roger C. Marquardt & Company,
  • Dan Shamon, Inc.

Or why the villages’ elected state representatives and senators were needed help in accomplishing whatever Huntley and Johnsburg wanted done in Springfield.

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