“If You Didn’t Vote, Quit Complaining”

That’s the headline of a rant by Joe Rothstein, Editor of something called EINNEWS.com.

He uses high-profile Congressman Joe Walsh’s small victory margin in low-turnout elections to make the point that if people don’t like what D.C. politicians are saying, they should blame those who didn’t vote.

“One of the most vocal tea party-centric freshmen is Joe Walsh, who represents the eighth district of Illinois,” Rothstein writes.

Joe Walsh cut what he calls "a low budget" video in which he said President Barack Obama was a liar when he said Social Sercurity payments could not be paid without an increase in the debt ceiling. That description created a minor firestorm among liberal Washington commentators.

“Walsh has been in the news lately for calling President Obama a liar when he says the government won’t be able to pay its bills after August 3 without a debt ceiling increase. In that, Walsh is speaking for most House GOP freshmen who are also debt-ceiling deniers.”

“Debt-ceiling denier.”

Pretty easy to figure out that Rothstein is on the side of the Big Spenders.

He argues when Walsh or pretty much any Washington politician argues he is “‘doing what the majority of those he represents’ wants him to do,” it is a pretty thin mandate, given the low turnout of voters.

Fair point, I guess.

But winners get to set political agendas.

And Walsh won.

That he is not being your timid first-term back bencher may be irritating the hell out of the Beltway crowd.

That doesn’t bother me.


“If You Didn’t Vote, Quit Complaining” — 6 Comments

  1. What do you believe would happed if they didn’t raise the cap?

  2. What do you believe would happed if they didn’t raise the cap?

  3. Unless Walsh directs his attention on the 14th, he is a “one-termer” If you read the comments posted to the Daily Herald this past week on the two “Walsh Features”, he would be losing by a landslide. While people slept in 2010, the rationale voters will be out in force in 2012.
    Now with his appearance on Fox this morning, he might just be lining up his next gig for post 2012. Just sign a contract now Joe in case Fox loses their FCC Credentials.

  4. Obama says, “give me a tax hike or granny gets it in the neck!” in a bald threat to cancel social security checks – using Chicago Mob extortion style tactics.

    “Nice granny ya got, shame to see her SS check get canceled.”

    Factually, Walsh is right. The 14th Amendment says that servicing the debt must always be done. However, every financial analyst is saying the same thing. $200 Billion will be collected in August. $29 Billion for interest on the Debt. The rest could and SHOULD go to paying SS, Medicare, Military pay, VA benefits. Every financial expert from CNBC, CNN, FBC, Bloomberg, etc, have stated that if SS checks get cut off, it will be by explicit direction of Obama.

    Because there is money to pay for them.

    Obama could have said, “We will do everything we can to insure that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans benefits and military pay will not be interrupted.”

    But no, he put a knife to the throats of every senior citizen, military vet, and poor people. He said in clear, CHICAGO MOB SPEAK, “unless you raise taxes, if we default, I am going to cut off SS checks, etc., first.”

    He clearly, as one commentator put it, threatened to shoot his hostages unless he got what he wanted.

    So, Walsh is correct in calling out Obama – who is acting like a terrorist against the American people, specifically senior citizens, using extortion to get his way.

  5. Lol! Obama is the one acting like a terrorist. First it’s not enough spending cuts. So he offers $4 trillion in spending cuts. Then it’s too much. Next it’s changes to Medicare and Social Security. Then that’s not right either. NOTHING he offers is going to please these people. Seriously! He has tried to get both sides to give up a little of their political desires but the Republicans/Tea Party won’t give even a bit. He was willing to negotiate with Social Security and Medicare for heaven’s sake! Those are two things that no other Democratic president has ever put on the table and they wouldn’t even look at it.

    When will it stop being about “my way or the highway” and saying no to Obama and start being about what is best for the country in general? Give up the special interests and look out for the majority of the public. The American system is so failed by only having 2 parties running the show that it would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad and dangerously detrimental to the American public. If there were more parties represented, more compromise would be necessary. And compromise is something that we try to instill in our children, why should adults get away with acting up worse than my two year old?

  6. What a shock that the moronic teabaglican Joe Walsh would continue the bidding of the domestic terrorists known as teabaggers. Walsh promised to destroy the US economy to do the bidding of the traitors in the GOP and he is proving he is every bit as much an enemy of the United States of America as Al Quaeda.

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