Paints Noon Tuesday Target on GOP Congressional Offices

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Here’s the message that was sent out by asking people to show up Congressman Peter Roskam’s Bloomingdale office at noon on Tuesday. One would assume that similar messages were sent concerning demonstrations at all the other Republican congressmen’s offices.

MoveOn member, This weekend, it became 100% clear that Republicans would rather see America default, Social Security checks stop going out, the stock market plummet, and unemployment soar than give one inch on their position: that the very richest people and most profitable corporations shouldn’t pay one penny more in taxes.

Even after the president offered Republicans a debt-ceiling deal most MoveOn members probably consider unconscionable—with trillions in cuts, even to Medicare and Social Security—Speaker Boehner still walked away from the table.

Our only chance to move the Republicans is to make sure that the dire consequences of their actions are laid directly at their feet. So with other leaders of the American Dream movement, we’re putting out an urgent call for every patriotic American to show up outside Republican congressional offices on Tuesday at noon to deliver a crucial message: “Don’t destroy the American Dream.”

We need to show up in force and let Rep. Roskam know that we’ll hold him accountable for his position and for the consequences to our economy.

Can you drop by Rep. Roskam’s office on Tuesday at Noon?

Yes, I can drop by on Tuesday!

We’ll follow up with all the details and a link to print your own “Don’t destroy the American Dream” signs to bring to Rep. Roskam.

Then you just have to show up on Tuesday here:

150 South Bloomingdale Road, Bloomingdale, IL 60108

We need to show as much public concern as possible, so please pass this along to anyone else you know who could join in on Tuesday. This is a moment when we need to bring together the vast majority of Americans who find the Republicans’ position immoral.

Let’s get out there on Tuesday and let Republicans like Rep. Roskam know that crashing the American economy in order to protect tax giveaways for the rich is unacceptable.

Click here if you can drop by Rep. Roskam’s office on Tuesday at noon:

Thanks for all you do.

–Daniel, Elena, Tate, Robin, and the rest of the team

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Peter Roskam will be Algonquin Township’s congressman, if the Democrats’ remap withstands a still-unfiled Federal court challenge.

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  1. Rich Americans, give us more money so we can inefficiently spend more of it.

    For instance, we’ll create the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (aka the Federal Stimulus Plan), send money to local school districts, who continue to give annual 6% end of career salary increases each of a teachers and administrators last 4 years of their career, for a 24% increase over 4 years. Irregardless of performance. Now that’s a good use of money, as non tenured teachers are RIF’d and class sizes increase.

    Oh, that’s right, the NEA, IEA, AFT, and IFT teacher unions are amongst the biggest campaign contributors and voting blocks in the USA.

    Why bother mentioning that. We’ll just whip up the rhetoric and blame the entire problem on Rich Republicans.

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