Illinois Republican Congressmen Issue Statement on Remap Suit

Here is a press release from all of Illinois’ members of Congress, except Tim Johnson:

Statement of Republican U.S. House Members from Illinois
on the Federal Lawsuit Challenging
the Democrats’ Congressional Redistricting Map

“In joining this lawsuit, we strongly contest the Democrats’ congressional redistricting map in Illinois. From the beginning, we have said that this map cannot stand, because it disrespects the will of voters, discriminates against the state’s growing Hispanic population, and fails the tests for compactness and protecting communities of interest.

“While we are disappointed that Governor Quinn chose to rubber-stamp this flawed map, we are confident that an impartial review of the facts in court will expose the serious defects in this map and reverse the naked partisan power-grab contemplated by the Democrats.

“We look forward to the restoration of fairness and Constitutional principles in the redistricting process. The creation of a balanced congressional map is necessary to ensure that the people of Illinois have an opportunity to express their will at the ballot box and elect those representatives who best reflect their shared interests.”

Rep. Judy Biggert (Il-13)
Rep. Robert Dold (Il-10)
Rep. Randy Hultgren (Il-14)
Rep. Adam Kinzinger (Il-11)
Rep. Don Manzullo (Il-16)
Rep. Peter Roskam (Il-6)
Rep. Bobby Schilling (Il-17)
Rep. Aaron Schock (Il-18)
Rep. John Shimkus (Il-19)
Rep. Joe Walsh (Il-8)

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