Walsh Holding Town Hall Meeting at Woodstock High School Sunday at 4

Congressman Joe Walsh will hold a previously scheduled Town Hall meeting at Woodstock High School from 4-5:30 Sunday afternoon.

Joe Walsh takes questions from large audience at McHenry West High School auditorium about a month after he was elected.

The high school is the old one near Downtown Woodstock. Its address is 501 West South St.

Given the media firestorm over his ex-wife’s court filing three weeks after Walsh scored the biggest upset (predicted by no one but the polling fire We Ask America) in the country by narrowly beating three-term incumbent Melissa Bean, it seems likely there will a packed house.

There might even be Chicago television cameras.

“I’ll be home this weekend assuming they let us out of here,” Walsh emailed me when I asked about the scheduled Town Hall meeting.

“I’m going to hold a town hall every single day of the august recess,” he added.

Walsh said he’d be “taking on all questions.”


Walsh Holding Town Hall Meeting at Woodstock High School Sunday at 4 — 3 Comments

  1. The Deadbeat Dad is going to explain why not only he isn’t paying for his kids, he doesn’t think Millionaires and Billionaires who have bought and paid for his congressional seat should be paying taxes either.

  2. Hopefully he will be announcing his resignation. I can’t imagine anything this guy has to say that is worth listening to.

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