Why Congressman Randy Hultgren Voted for Debt Ceiling Bill

This is 14th District Congressman Randy Hultgren’s press release on his debt ceiling bill vote. Since he and Joe Walsh may be running against each other in the 14th District, I thought you might want to compare it with Walsh’s.

Randy Hultgren

Hultgren: “Bill Still Not Perfect, But I Will Support It.”

Friday July 29, 2011

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren (IL-14) today released the following statement in support of Speaker Boehner’s revised Budget Control Act.

“Last night, Speaker Boehner postponed the vote on the Budget Control Act because it did not have enough support to pass the House,” said Hultgren. “What we saw last night was an indication of how we have been able to change the atmosphere in Washington – our leaders weren’t trying to buy votes with pork projects and earmarks, and instead focused on making their case on the merits of the bill itself.

“So today, Speaker Boehner announced his plans to revise the proposal. I will vote for the revised version of the Budget Control Act and I admit that it is not perfect; however, the unwillingness of some members in this chamber, and of Senator Reid and his Democrat colleagues, to support more sweeping fiscal reform leaves me no choice.

“Moreover, there has been an absolute failure of leadership on the part of President Obama. Time and again, he has refused to give up his demands for job-crushing tax hikes, and has refused to acknowledge the simple reality that this country has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

“The alternative is a default on our national debt, and that is absolutely unacceptable to me. Not only will a default be devastating for our economy – for small business owners, for homeowners, and for all Americans – it will empower President Obama and Secretary Geithner to make decisions about spending that are rightly the purview of Congress. Senator Reid and his party must pass this bill immediately, and send it to President Obama to ensure that we do not default.”


Why Congressman Randy Hultgren Voted for Debt Ceiling Bill — 1 Comment

  1. Any foreclosed property, any unpaid income taxes, owe any child support?
    Any other hidden problems like what we didn’t know about Joe Walsh ?
    No, he gets my vote.

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