Manzullo Issues Statement on Debt Ceiling Negotiations

A press release from Congressman Don Manzullo:

Manzullo Comments on Latest Framework to End Debt Crisis

[WASHINGTON] Congressman Don Manzullo (R-Egan) tonight issued the following statement commenting on the latest framework for bipartisan legislation to end the debt crisis:


Don Manzullo at an NFIB seminar on health care two years ago.

“From the beginning, I have sought a realistic solution to our debt crisis that would significantly cut spending to allow us to maintain our nation’s strong AAA credit rating.

“Our economy and many Americans would suffer considerably in a downgrade with interest rate hikes on their homes, cars and credit cards.

“At first glance, it appears this framework does end our debt crisis with significant spending controls to help make our economy healthy and strong.

“I look forward to seeing more details tomorrow morning.”

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