Algonquin Founders Day Parade Crystal Balling

You know that I read politicians in parades like tea leaves.

Sometimes I just let the photos speak for themselves.

Algonquin’s Marc Avelar shared some photos he took on Saturday’s Algonquin Founders Day Parade.

The one below may speak volumes about who will be run from the GOP faction headed by McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi.

McHenry County State's Attorney Lou Bianchi poses in Algonquin before the parade with the new Chief of his Civil Division, Donna Kelly.

From the picture of Bianchi in the parade, it is unclear whether Kelly was in the car. The name tag probably means she went to the luncheon at Port Edward before the parade. If so, it means she had an opportunity to meet community influentials from Algonquin. Before next spring’s primary election.

The photo I have of McHenry County State's Attorney from the parade shows him waving beside his wife Jean.

Two other countywide officials were in the parade–Pam Palmer, who is up for re-election next year, and Kathie Schultz, McHenry County Clerk. Schultz was elected last year and is in the first year of a four-year term.

McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer and County Clerk Kathie Schultz were waving to the crowd in Algonquin Saturday.

All the McHenry County Board members are on the ballot next year, but I only got photos of three of them–Donna Kurtz, Anna May Miller and Marc Munaretto.

District 1 McHenry County Board members Marc Munaretto and Anna May Miller rode in one car driven by Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller

District 2 McHenry County Board member Donna Kurtz was riding in a convertible behind the two District 1 board members.

Algonquin has seen significant growth into Kane County. This year newly-elected Kane County Board member Maggie Auger was in the parade.

Kane County Board member Maggie Auger was also in the parade.

The list below shows the line-up for the parade. Although I don’t have a photo of newly-appointed State Rep. Kent Gaffney, his name is on the list.  So is Algonquin resident Phyllis Walters, McHenry County Recorder of Deeds.

District 1 McHenry County Board member Bob Bless’ and Robert Novak’s names also appear, but, again, I didn’t get photos of them.  Same with District 5 Board members Tina Hill and Paula Yensen.

Karen McConnaughay, the Kane County Board Chairman who is running for State Senator west of Hansen Road, is also in the parade line-up.  Another Kane County politician, State’s Attorney Joseph McMahon is also listed.

There were, of course, the Algonquin Village Board members and Carpentersville’s Mayor.

Certainly the Algonquin Village officials were in the parade. Whether the others listed for which I do not have photos took part perhaps readers can tell us in the comment section.

Notables at the Algonquin Founders Day Parade made this list. Click to enlarge.

Then came the fire engines.

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