Pothole Phil

Filled pothole on Russel Court on the way to the McHenry County Courthouse.

Or should the headline be “Pothole Fill”?

On Sunday, July 31st, Woodstock Advocate Editor Gus Philpott wrote an article on a big and growing pothole on Russel Court on the way to the Courthouse.

Photo and everything.

I saw the pothole on the way to court August 1st.

The afternoon of Monday, August 1st, it was filled.

So were other potholes on the street.

Gus beat me to the story, but only because we went out on the boat on Crystal Lake last night.

In any event, we now know that someone from Woodstock city government reads Woodstock Advocate, even if the administration won’t provide him with crime reports and press releases (which Woodstock also refuses to send McHenry County Blog).

I guess the folks that fix potholes are more responsive than those who don’t want electronic media to be able to report on local crime and other topics deemed worthy enough to pay a city employee to write a press release about.

Here's the reason the Woodstock Advocate scooped McHenry County Blog on the pothole story.


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  1. It really annoys me when the press is not able to report on local crimes.

    I used to always read the local “police beat” in college. I would learn where the robberies were occuring, what was being stolen, what drug crimes were committed where, DUI, vandalism, etc.

    For some reason the same level of detail is not available in the Chicago suburbs, crime is glossed over.

    I’ll tell you what else is not being reported. Drug arrests at high schools. They catch kids dealing drugs on their security cameras, for instance.

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