Signs Denigrate Durbin at Private McHenry Meeting

The McHenry County Economic Development Corporation held at event featuring U.S. Senator Dick Durbin in McHenry at McHenry County College’s Shah Center Monday.

It was apparently private, but some who do not approve of the Number 2 Senate Democrat’s policies found out about the affair and showed up with picket signs.

Demonstrators stand with signs on Route 31 in front of MCC's Shah Center as U.S. Senator Dick Durbin speaks to a private meeting inside.

Signs I see say,

  • Durbin’s a Debt Denier
  • No New Taxes on Rich Biz Owners, Durbin!
  • You Will Not Downgrade the Tea Party
  • Durbin Out! 2014
  • S&P Says Ryan Bill No Downgrade

A suit was found in the parking lot of the Shah Center, which is within sight of Centegra's McHenry Hospital. Is that a security guy?


Signs Denigrate Durbin at Private McHenry Meeting — 1 Comment

  1. How can this “private” corporation hold PRIVATE meetings, when they continue to seek, and have received, taxpayer monies every year since their inception, by approval of the McHenry County Board? they were supposed to be self sustaining. Multiply their yearly check from taxpayers x years they’ve been in existence. Quite a chunk of $$$. How much of this is salaries?

    Can MCEDC document the last company they’ve brought into McHenry County that pays a wage that will support a McHenry County family?

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