Anatomy of the Special Prosecutor’s Lou Bianchi Case for February, 2011

With today’s billings from Quest International, we move into the second month of 2011.

Quest is the company selected by McHenry County Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan in his unsuccessful quest to convict McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi of felony criminal offenses.

The Special Prosecutors did not make use of Sheriff's Deputies to deliver subpoenas, even to those in the courthouse.

Robert Seigalski, Lee Flosi, Patrick Hanretty, Gerald Theis, James P. Reilly and Dan Jerger bill the Special Prosecutors $135 per hour, except for some travel, which Scigalski notes he bills at $70 an hour. The others do not bill $70 for travel time.

Here are the billings for February of this year:

2-3-11 0.25 hours – Jerger: Prepared and responded to email.

2-4-11 2 hours – Flosi: McHenry Co. Matter: To Aurora with R. Scigalski to serve Kiawana Guyton…, Kiawana not home: Mileage 46

2-5-11 1 hour – Flosi: McHenry Co. Matter: To Aurora, & attempt to serve Kiawana Guyton…, Kiawana not home: Mileage 46

2-7-11 3.5 hours – Seigalski: Meet with Quest Agents O’Connell and Hanretty/ provide subpoenas and info for interveiw/ Conf calls with Agents and McQueen / review – Met with again ASA Chrzanowski in Palatine

2-7-11 7 hours – Hanretty: Conference with Seigalski and O’Connell in Palatine. Serve subpoenas in McHenry County on Morzos and three Reids.

2-8-11 2.25 hours – Flosi: McHenry Co. Matter: To Aurora, & attempt to serve Kiawana Guyton…Kiwania not home, serve occupant in her apt. at 2:55 PM. Prepare report of service. Mileaage 46

2-10-11 4.5 hours – Seigalski: Prep for & travel to Woodstock for GJ [Grand Jury]

2/10/11 1.5 hours – Seigalski: Prep for & travel to Woodstock for 80M ($70 x2)

2-10-11 4 hours – Jerger: Prepared digital photographs for discovery and printed.

2-15-11 4 hours – Seigalski: Compile photos and CDs for discovery and meet with Pros[ecution] Team at Tonigan’s office for conference

2-15-11 4 hours – Hanretty: Administration processing of affidavits of service of subpoenas from 2/7. Database research for a “Jackie” Jacques.

2-16-11 2 hours – Hanretty: Database research for a “Jackie” Jacques.

2-17-11 1.5 hours – Flosi: McHenry Co. W/ Scigalski to…Aurora & attempt to Interview Kiawana Guyton. Mileage 46.

2-18-11 7.5 hours – Hanretty: Subpoena service at McHenry Co. Administrative Offices, 2200 N. Seminary Rd. then attempt to locate Tiffany Albrect. Steven Albrecht at {number redacted] Sycamore, Crystal Lake, IL.

2-19-11 1.25 hours – Flosi: McHenry Co. To…Aurora & attempt to interview & serve Kiawana Guyton. No answer to repeated knocks on the Apt. Door. Mileage 46

2-21-11 1.25 hours – Flosi: McHenry Co. To…Aurora & attempt to Interview & serve Kiawana Guyton, No one responded to repeated raps on the front door. Observation at the rear revealed that no lights were on in the house. Milegate 46.

2-21-11 1 hour – Jerger: Teleconferenced and transferred sample audio tracks for recording presentation to Grand Jury.

2-22-11 2.5 hours – Seigalski: Conduct investigation re Morzos matter/ contact McQueen & Hanretty

2-22-11 3.5 hours – Jerger: Teleconferenced with Tom McQueen regarding case details. Emailed Tom McQueen. researched tape restoration options. Audio conversion for Grand Jury.

2-23-11 5 hours – Seigalski: Contact with Jacques for additional questions / prepare, send & prep & send Bates / work w Dan on tapes

2-23-11 1.25 hours – Flosi: McHenry Co: To home of Kiawana Guyton Aurora, IL and attempt to serve & interview. No Answer No one home. Mileage 46

2-23-11 4 hours – Jerger: began initial process of T4 and T5 evidence. Prepared converted audio recordings and methods for Grand Jury.

2-24-11 4.5 hours – Seigalski: Grand Jury appearance & testimony / assist witnesses (6)

2-24-11 1.5 Hours – Seigalski: Prep for & travel to Woodstock for 80 M ($70 x2)

2-24-11 5 hours – Jerger: Prepared, traveled to and returned from 2200 N. Seminary Ave., Woodstock, Il 60098. Grand Jury potential testimony and audio recording support.

2-24-11 Bianchi Indicted a Second Time

2-28-114 hours – Jerger: Forensically processed and duplicated T4 and T5 evidence in preparation for discover. Teleconferenced with Tom McQueen.

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