McHenry County Board Members Hold Illegal Meeting on Reapportionment, Attorney General Rules

The County Board's violation of the Open Meetings Act was the top story in the Northwest Herald on a news-heavy Saturday.

Kevin Craver is reporting in the Northwest Herald that five McHenry County Board members conducted an illegal meeting.

The five made sure that the majority of a committee were not in the room at the same time.

The committee in question was the 7-member Legislative Committee, charged with drawing the district map for the next decade.

Marc Munaretto, Legislative Committee member

Nick Provenzano, Legislative Committee member

You might think of what was done as a chain with five links going in a circle around a room through two doors. The five made sure that no more than two of the three Legislative Committee links were in the room at the same time.

That way, they apparently reasoned, a majority of the committee would not be meeting illegally.

John Jung, Legislative Committee member

McHenry County Board member Ken Koehler

The Illinois Attorney General’s Office of Public Counsel disagreed.

The five County Board members who met in this fashion were

  • McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler (District 2)
  • Tina Hill (District 5)
  • Marc Munaretto (Committee member from District 1)

Tina Hill

  • Nick Provenzano (Committee member from District 3)
  • John Jung (Committee member from District 5)

No penalty was imposed for the infraction of the Open Meetings Act.

The story about the remap meeting for the whole board is here.

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This story edged out

The last story, of course, was not shared with McHenry County Blog by the Sheriff’s folks.

Gus Philpott, who writes Woodstock Advocate, however, has an insightful article explaining how Seipler’s email address could have been attached as “a secondary email address” to the blog in question (“The Real MCSD Exposed”). Seipler’s blog is called “McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Exposed.”

Philpott notes the following about the Northwest Herald article:

“Funny how she (one of Nygren’s private attorneys) didn’t mention the confidential deposition of Scott Milliman that Sheriff Nygren told Undersheriff Zinke to give to Crystal Lake businessman Jose Rivera.

“Somehow that deposition got leaked to the Northwest Herald. And, somehow, the Northwest Herald story failed to mention that ‘indiscretion'”.


McHenry County Board Members Hold Illegal Meeting on Reapportionment, Attorney General Rules — 6 Comments

  1. This county just cannot seem to get it together.

    Nygren leaks a Federally sealed document to several people, including the Northwest Herald and he and his attorney have the nerve to try this.

    What arrogance.

    How hard is it to put up a blog with someone else’s email?

    Ask any 4th grader.

    Sotos just keeps raking it in while Nygren makes a fool of himself.

    AND WE PAY!!

    Then along comes this county board with it’s issues.

    Clean it out and start over with some credible people. These 5 have to go. The Millers need to be purged as well.

  2. And some of the folks can look you in the eye over the sly way things are done – and think they are keeping up the integrity they tell their children to have.

    Don’t finagle, don’t wiggle around – yes, my dear children, have some class, have some honesty – don’t do what we do, do what we tell you to do.

    And while you get punished for telling lies, cheating and being oh so clever, we your parents, your neighbors, your relatives face no punishment except some winking eyes.

  3. The sad part is these pitiful examples for leadership will get voted back in because people are stupid to there lies. Each one of these boardmembers should be made to pay a hefty fine (for the good of the County), because when they vote to raise my taxes and the house value goes down, since they are the ones voting on these issues? They should have to pay when they are caught doing behind close door, under the table, back door deals (who was going to make a profit here)?

  4. “No penalty was imposed for the infraction of the Open Meetings Act.” – Another usless piece of legislation. Like I’ve always said “politicians are rotten from the top branch of government right on down to the little cities and towns”. Great system we have as you can’t vote enough of them out at one time to make a difference.

  5. everyone of theses people should not be relected. What do they do for McHenry County NOTHING

  6. “Illegal Meeting”…….Provenzano, Jung, Koehler, Hill and Munaretto are dishonest. Period. These people obviously cannot be trusted, no matter what group endorses them or what flag they fly under when running for re-election. Remember this, voters. Vote them out and let your voices be heard! We deserve better.

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