How Much Do Republicans Dislike the Mainstream Media?

Capitol Fax Blog’s Rich Miller offers a viewpoint different from former Mike Madigan employee, now retired University of Illinois at Springfield Professor Kent Redfield about Joe Walsh’s chances of re-election.

Redfield told the Daily Herald that Walsh would have “a huge problem” because of the Chicago Sun-Times delinquent child support story.

The back room at Richard Walker's Pancake House was full at Congressman Joe Walsh's "Joe with Joe" on August 6, 2011. The Daily Herald article about Walsh over a week later is based on that appearance.

Miller makes another observation:

“There is, however, another dynamic not explored here. Many die-hard Republican adherents have adopted a “victimization” mentality. Media hits are successfully brushed aside as the ‘lamestream media’ working on behalf of liberal Democrats. That attitude, if successfully mined, is Walsh’s clearest path to victory. The line will be that he stuck up for his principles and was then kneecapped by the liberals.”


How Much Do Republicans Dislike the Mainstream Media? — 6 Comments

  1. How much do Republicans dislike “facts” and “learning,” and prefer to have their small-minded ideas “regurgitated” to them by Fox News.

    Fox News certainly knows their business…

  2. Having watched main stream media ignore certain people and stories and having watched (formerly) esteemed talking heads/journalists/reporters/Hollywood/New York City push the Left Liberal Socialist agenda for years – let’s say I’m not impressed.

    It’s about time that what, regular, hard working, Joes and Jills have been thinking for years gets on the air and in all media.

    Hollywood also owes us an apology for pushing its own agenda without taking reality into consideration. And as for rich people including celebrities – if you realy believe the “tax people more” stuff – knowing that DC and local govts. are clueless about wise spending – why don’t you all empty your bank accts. and donate all of it and your possessions to the govt.? Oh, right, you preach a lot but don’t do what you preach about.

  3. You’re right on rusrus. It seems as tho there is a majority of conservatives who will not or can not tolerate differing views. Look what they tried to do to NPR.

  4. How much do Republicans hate reality. Apparently a lot.

    That’s o.k. though … because there’s not a lot of reality in any politics.

  5. Here’s a tax plan. 25% income tax on all income above 65K, zero deductions, 10 % federal sales tax. Done!

    Are there any other really hard problems you would like me to solve?

  6. The news media loves to expand on the liberals’ lies……

    Fox News uncovers the liberals’ lies which they hate to hear…..

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