District 158 and Huntley Education Association Reach Agreement

In what is labeled a “Joint Press Release,” the Huntley School Board and teachers union announce agreement has been reached on a one-year teachers’ contract.

District 158 teachers will not be walking picket lines this year.

Algonquin, IL – After a collaborative and constructive process, the Board of Education of Consolidated School District 158 and the Huntley Education Association have come to a tentative agreement on a contract for 2011-2012. Contract language is now being finalized.

Both sides understand the current economic reality facing the District, and the agreement is within the constraints of the tentative budget that the Board approved in June.

Both sides have agreed to a “hard freeze” contract that does not add additional total compensation over the 2010-2011 year.

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The First Electric Newspaper asks the relevant question concerning what a “hard freeze” means. Here’s what Pete Gonigan discovered:

“[Tony] Quagliano told FEN the tentative terms don’t actually freeze the last contract’s steps and lanes by which teachers can increase their salaries.

“They’ve been adjusted, he said, so they’ll result in ‘no net increase’ in total expenditures.”


District 158 and Huntley Education Association Reach Agreement — 2 Comments

  1. According to FEN, teachers’ steps and lanes have been adjusted.
    Steps are salary increases for years of service.
    Lanes are salary increases for receiving college credits and degrees.
    The Steps and Lanes are found in the salary schedule in the collective bargaining agreement.

    Visit http://www.district158.org

    Select “Human Resources.”

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