Huntley Tea Party Schedules Vote Fraud Prevention Meeting

A press release from the Huntley Tea Party:

Public Forum on Fraud in the Election Process

For years now we have heard stories of problems with our Election Process. There was the “hanging chads” in Florida, the Acorn issues when registering voters and recently a problem in Chicago where 59% of the ballot boxes were not secured properly.

With Primaries coming up in March of 2012 and a major election in November, we must ensure that we have a valid Election Process in our local area.

The last Huntley Tea Party meeting I attended was a pre-2010 candidates' night.

On August 22nd, the Huntley Area Tea Party will host Sharon Meroni, Chairman of “Defend the Vote” at a public forum.

This will be held at the Cosman Center in Deicke Park, 12015 Mill Street in Huntley.

Sharon will be speaking on Fraud in the Election Process and what citizens can do about this problem.

For additional information you can visit the HATP web site at


Huntley Tea Party Schedules Vote Fraud Prevention Meeting — 17 Comments

  1. Oh god, “Sharon Meroni” is a birther who often goes by another name.

    No one takes her seriously.

    This further illustrates why the Dems don’t have to steal votes to win. Republican ineptitude is sufficient enough.

  2. I think Sharon may be a little naive when it comes to going about doing things, but she is definitely on the right track. Calling people “birthers” and using the name of the Lord in vane doesn’t give you much credence Ms. or Mr. not.

    Many people take her very seriously. You should probably educate yourself on why the present usurper is even in the oval office.

  3. Oh gee, more teabaggers off to “defend” the vote (with defend defined as: Preventing votes from anyone who commits the offense of not being a Rich white straight republican).

  4. As NEITHER a Republican or Democrat, who is white, not rich, and straight. I say all you people need to take off the Republican/Democrat glasses and start seeing the world or the country wearing your American glasses.

    When are you people going to wake up and see that we only have one party in this country. It’s the Big Government Party. One branch of it is for handouts for rich companies that don’t deserve it, war, more deficit spending and bigger government and the other branch of of party is into handouts for people that don’t deserve it, war, more deficit spending and bigger government.

    When are you people going to wake up and see that there is no difference between either of these communistic, anti-American party’s? Neither of them have the answers and is right. So I don’t understand why you people defend so much crap.

    Yes, there is voter fraud, since Bush stole the election in 2000, and yea, in some areas the Democrats need to steal votes or commit fraud to win an election. They both do it.


  5. I’m tired of Illinois holding the “Most Corrupt” title in the USA when it comes to the VOTE! Let’s MAN UP! Quit taking a defeatist attitude and DO something to CLEAN UP OUR ELECTIONS! Let’s hear from someone who actually has an idea about how to get off square one! DEFEND THE VOTE Should be able to present it’s case without heckling (maybe you like the system the way it is and don’t want anyone to present ideas for cleaning it up!)

  6. If the Tea Party and Cal actually cared about “defending the vote”, they wouldn’t involve themselves with someone like Sharon Meroni, who also goes by the name Chalice Johnson, and is an insane birth-conspiracy blogger who cost taxpayers a fortune with all of her paranoid ignorant lawsuits.

    Sharon/Chalice hasn’t renounced her insane claims, so how can anyone take her seriously on an issue as serious as Voter’s Rights?

    No respectable, educated political group should affiliate themselves with someone like Sharon/Chalice.

    “Get Real” – if you truly care about the issue, wouldn’t it be better presented by someone other than Chalice Jackson (who needs to go by multiple names, anyway?) and her crazy conspiracy theories.

    The Huntley Tea Party will continue to be a joke as long as it aligns itself with birthers and with the racist jokes posted on the “Government Rape” website

  7. Cal, you just aren’t going to address the fact that the Huntley Tea Party is filled with birthers who wasted money with frivolous lawsuits, are you?

    Voter fraud absolutely should be addressed, we all know it exists and has benefited BOTH parties. If a group was really serious about addressing voter fraud, they’d try to hold a legitimate meeting, not one led by Sharon/Chalice.

    You going to address that, or just post links to your own blog?

  8. You don’t like the Tea Party and you don’t like Sharon. You don’t talk about issues so this is your opportunity for personal attack alone. Why don’t you find a group you like and transform yourself into a positive supportive person in that group and leave the people you hate alone?

  9. hahaha, Nice answer. I guess that is what you have to say when you cannot defend the indefensible. Or maybe “get real” isn’t getting very real, and is a birther too.

    If you think you are right, then why not stick to facts, why become a birther type.

    And don’t assume I am NOT involved locally in politics. Good gosh, I’ve even had the pleasure of Cal’s camera shoved in my face, as he likes to do to try and interrupt/intimidate those who doesn’t agree with.

    I think it is important that anyone attending the fake “voter fraud” meeting understand exactly WHO the speaker is.

    If you think Right is on your side, you’d have a legitimate speaker.

  10. In life, What you give out you get back.
    Arguing with you is what you want, so,
    I’ll just leave you to reap what you sow.

  11. Cal did you seriously try to cite a pathetic post at your low rent blog as justification for more posts on your own blog?

  12. Cal your defense is just laughable. You posted a teabaggers summary of a teabaggers unsubstantiated claims about an election and cite that as evidence of impropriety. Seriously?

  13. I am sure Meroni’s critics will have the same complaint about this press release from her, which relates what was found in Chicago:

    Had Operation LEAP (Legal Elections in All Precincts) not gone out of business and released the same information, it would have been prominently reported.

  14. oh Cal and I’m sure you’ll still refuse to address the Sharon Meroni/Chalice Jackson birther issue and her frivolous lawsuits related to it.

    Voter fraud is an issue and needs to be addressed, absolutely. But why only by the far right wing who also believes our President wasn’t born in the US?

    I’d encourage everyone to research Chalice Jackson/Sharon Meroni (again – remember, she used two different names – wth is with that?)

    Don’t worry Cal – we understand why you won’t address the fact that the Huntley Tea Party’s speaker is a birther.

  15. The meeting was fascinating. Sharon Meroni was informative and entertaining. Everyone there stepped up to volunteer to participate in the first ever audit of Illinois elections.

    If you have not seen Meroni’s presentation, I highly recommend you contact her to speak before your group. It is eye opening to learn about how elections are run.

    2012 is an important election. We will change Illinois reputation for elections!

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