Some Huntley Testimony Against Pat Quinn’s 88% Toll Tax Hike

My testimony at Pat Quinn’s 88% Toll Hike hearing in Huntley last night merited mentions in two local sources of news.

The Huntley Village Hall was filled with potential highway constructors and contractors.  The Toll Authority did have a slide saying, “THANK YOU.”

When the court reporter didn’t get my name and asked me to spell it, The First Electric Newspaper wrote:

“That’s S-K-I-N-N-E-R,” he told the clerk, “like the way you want to skin people with this toll increase.” Skinner said the Authority ought to go after Motor Fuel Tax money he claimed gets paid up here but spent downstate. That drew the biggest round of applause of the evening but only barely.

The Northwest Herald wrote:

Cal Skinner of Crystal Lake spoke against the increase.

He said the tollway should try to obtain federal funding for its projects rather than increasing the road user fee.

“Why are you asking us to have an 88 percent toll increase on top of a 67 percent income tax increase?” Skinner said.

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My wife and I went to Colonial fo dinner and looked at one of the Northwest Heralds left there.  I read the toll hearing article and discovered my comment did not make the print edition.

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