Entrepreneurs Moving Out of Illinois

Former Illinois State Rep. and State Sen. Roger Keats

The Roger Keats’ “I’m out of here” story continues to draw comments from like-minded people.

Yesterday, a man who moved his business from Illinois to Florida gives his reason and opinion of what will happen to those of us who stay:

“Good bye Illinois.

Will miss your politicians like Id miss a hemorrhoid!

“Like Roger, I left Illinois for good this spring. Took my small business with me to Florida.

“Fired 5 Illinois employees and hired 2 in Florida to replace them.

“That’s five less jobs for Illinois and two less taxpayers.

“I have a friend with 60 employees closing their business in Aurora and moving it to Texas.

“Another friend in Naperville closing their 4 employee business and moving to Canada after their daughter graduates high school in December. (They put her into accelerated classes so they don’t have to wait until next June to get out.)

“The leeches that suck the taxpayers of Illinois are going to find the blood running a little thin as more and more business owners vote with their feet.

“Keep your union jobs and idiotic ideas and watch Chicago turn into another Detroit where the only people left are

  • the pimps,
  • the ho’s,
  • the politicians, and
  • the lawyers!”


Entrepreneurs Moving Out of Illinois — 1 Comment

  1. I don’t think it was fair of you to mention “Pimps” and “Ho’s” in the same breath as Politicians and Lawyers.

    “Pimps” and “Ho’s” are usually people down on their luck BECAUSE of Lawyers and Politicians!

    Politicians “Pimp” themselves for votes, Lawyers “Whore” themselves for the dollar, yes and will even knowingly lie to protect a scum bag client, for the dollar.

    “Pimps” and “Ho’s” do it to survive the wreckage of lives ruined by the Lawyers and Politicians.

    At least Pimps and Ho’s don’t live behind the veils of societal ills, they know who they truly are and don’t try to hide it.

    Politicians and Lawyers, well, I think you get the point, Jack.

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