Mike Tryon’s Fish Boil – Part 2

Mike Tryon

This is the second part of the Mike Tryon Fish Boil story.  Part 1 is here.

Mike Tryon gave a short talk at his third Huntley Fish Boil.

Then, he introduced the elected officials.

After he was finished with the introductions, he turned the microphone over to 14th District Congressman Randy Hultgren.

Illinois Democrats put all of McHenry County into the 14th District, except for Algonquin Township, the county’s largest.

Hultgren took the stage, so to speak, and excoriated Washington Democrats.

Congressman Randy Hultgren addressed the Fish Boil crowd.

Perhaps indicative of a turf battle to come in the March 2012 Republican primary election, Helene Walsh, wife of 8th District Congressman Joe Walsh was also in attendance.

McHenry County Board member Nick Provenzano talks with Helene Walsh.

Shawn Green who said he was "probably" going to run for County Board draws toddler duties as his wife takes care of the two-month old.

Jim Schlader was caught clapping during one of the speeches.

Besides Provenzano, I spotted two other candidates for the McHenry County Board–Jim Schlader of District 3 and Shawn Green of District 6.

There were also non-partisan elected officials on hand.

I don’t know the players as well as I used to, but I did spot Fox River Grove Village President Robert Nunamaker and his wife.

Fox River Grove Robert Nunamaker and his wife.

None of Fox River Grove will be in Tryon’s new district.

Mike Skala and T.R. Smith examine a map of Mike Tryon's new district.

In addition, long-time Huntley School District 158 Board member Mike Skala was at the Fish Boil.

I recognized two township officials besides County Board candidate Schlader, but I image there were more.

Dr Anne Majewski

McHenry Township Trustee Kathy Kuchta, who is also Vice Chairman of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee was present. S

So was Nunda Township Trustee Lee Jennings.

As I mentioned previously, Dr. Anne Majewski was campaigning for the McHenry County Coroner vacancy that Marlene Lantz’s retirement makes possible.

There was also Barrington Township Committeeman Gene Dawson, also the Republican State Central Committeeman for the 8th Congressional District, in attendance.

Kane County Board Chairman Karen McConnaughay meets 8th Congressional District State Central Committeeman Gene Dawson. Former Nunda Township Trustee, McHenry County and Lake Village Board member Blake Hobson made the introduction.

Finally, you know how I like messages, most of which I find on tee shirts.

One of the servers was wearing a Hastert congressional tee shirt. I didn’t think to ask her if it was from two years ago (when Hultgren beat Denny Hastert’s son Ethan) or from when the father represented Coral Township, where the young women lives and knew that it had been in Hastert’s original district.

I couldn't pass up this political tee shirt advertising Hastert.


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  1. Hi Cal,

    The “TR Scott” caption you have with the pic of Mike Skala should read Kane County Board Member T.R. Smith (R, Burlington). Smith represents the Kane County Board district which includes all of Huntley in Kane County.

    Hope this helps.

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