Pat Quinn vs. Ordinary Mike on Popularity of 88% Toll Tax Hike

At least when Rod Blagojevich put his name on Tollway signs he didn't increase the rates for regular Mikes.

I guess no one should be surprised that no local media took a poll on whether people wanted tolls hiked.

Chicago’s Mike Engle took on Governor Pat Quinn’s assertion that 85% of Illinois motorists understood and approved of the need to double the tolls.

“Doubting the accuracy of statements that are made by our governor and other public officials, I conducted my own impromptu poll,” Engle wrote in a letter to the editor of the Chicago Sun-Times published Sunday.

“Thursday afternoon, I went to my local tavern and asked the first 20 patrons who entere3d if they supported a proposition to double the tolls on the Illinois State Toll Highway system.

“My polling numbers, surprisingly, matched that of our governor’s, but the results were transposed.

“The vote tally was as follows:

  • Yes 3 (15%)
  • No 17 (85%)

And I thought it was only suburbanites who were disturbed.

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