Chicago Sun-Times Defends Amanda’s Choice Not to Abort

Friday's Chicago Sun-Times Article.

Marengo’s Amanda Schulten has decided not to kill her two babies, who are conjoined at the heart.

No abortion for her.

Even though her doctor advised her to have an abortion.

A devout Catholic (joining the Church just this Easter), the mother has decided to let God be in control.

Let go and let God, so to speak.

As her blog puts it,

One Heart

Two Souls

The Chicago Sun-Times ran a large article, complete with photography of a very pregnant 21-year old, on Friday.  It’s title was,

Faith in the face of adversity

Woman carrying conjoined twins tells

them in poem, ”My soul will never leave you’

This Sunday, there is an editorial in defense of the right to chose an abortion…

or not:

Exercising right not

to choose abortion

“Pro-choice means pro-choice, not pro-abortion,” the editorial writer states.

One might observe that Pro-Life means that a mother with that opinion wants her baby or babies delivered alive.

As Amanda puts it in a Friday post,

“I will do anything for them. And that means giving them a chance to live.”

What does that make of those who disagree with that position?

Here’s McHenry County Blog’s Thursday article:

Marengo Mother About to Give Birth to Twins

with One Heart – “One Heart – Two Souls”

Amanda Schulten

Commenting on her being a single mother, new Catholic Amanda wrote Friday,

“…seeing that people think I’m a cafeteria catholic (just had to add). I had no faith before this and now look I have God in my life…

“My fiance and I were planning a wedding but unfourtnatley we don’t have the money nor time as of right now.”


Chicago Sun-Times Defends Amanda’s Choice Not to Abort — 3 Comments

  1. I have never commented to a blogs but here I make an exception.

    I can only imagine the soul searching she must have made. Anyone that would post derogatory messages to her blog as mentioned in the article is a very shallow person. I agree with the editorial opinion that supports her decision. I doubt I could be so faithful in the face of such adversity. I hope others would support her in such a difficult and personal decision and would just hold their nasty hurtful opinions to themselves.

  2. Your lie about “defending” her choice falsely implies that anyone was attacking her for not aborting.

    It was an interesting article and its a choice that I thank god I didn’t have to face when my wife was pregnant with my son.

    But far too often the alleged “pro life” crowd is quick to deny others a choice but also equally quick to vocally prefer that the same now born child die of starvation rather then a billionaire pay a single cent more in taxes.

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