Karen McConnaughay Draws Opposition in Cliff Surges

Kane County Board Chairman Karen McConnaughay announced her candidacy for State Senate representing South Central McHenry County (all the way up to the Crystal Lake Country Club) at the end of June.

Conservative Chad Koppie tossed his name in the mix in mid-August.

Now a third candidate has indicated he will run for the legislative seat.

His name is Clifford Surges.

In an email, he invites folks to an announcement speech this Saturday. It will be held at at 1:00 at historic Grafelman Park in West Dundee.

There are a few things in my life worth fighting for; my family, my faith, my business and my community.

Illinois is in dire straits and I am more than concerned. I am angry, I am frustrated and I am tired of excuses.

I need your help this Saturday as I announce my candidacy for the Illinois Senate in 2012. We are looking for a crowd!

During my conversations within the new 33rd District I have repeatedly heard the following concerns:

  • Cliff Surges just before meeting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at the Family PAC Cruise.

    Who has lost their job?

  • Who is struggling to keep their home?
  • Why are property taxes out of control?
  • How will we pay for College?
  • Why can’t the State of Illinois pay its bills … even to our own schools?
  • Is Illinois really borrowing money just to pay our past obligations?
  • How will we get ahead?
  • Why are we letting Wisconsin and Indiana woo our Corporations and jobs away?
  • Why are our schools struggling?
  • Why is everything just so darn complicated here?We hope to have a strong turn out to send a significant message that we care, that we are willing to stand up for our beliefs and that the answers lie within the voters.

I am asking for your support and need 30 minutes of your time this Saturday. I will not waste it!

Sturges’ announcement press release follows:

Surges Announces Candidacy for State Senate

(Gilberts) – Lifelong Fox Valley Resident Cliff Surges will announce his candidacy for the Illinois Senate Saturday, September 10 at 1:00 at historic Grafelman Park in West Dundee.

Cliff Surges

“I am running as a resident, businessman, and community volunteer because enough is enough. No matter where I go or who I speak with the conversations seem dismal regarding the State of Affairs in Illinois. From budgets to ethics, we have gone from bad to worse. I would like the opportunity to prove that you don’t need to be a career politician and that good people can still make a difference”.

“Simple principles are in play here in Illinois. We spend too much, more than our neighboring States, more than we should … and instead of figuring out how to curb the spending, we are simply being asked to give more money.”

“Figure out how to spend what you have, responsibly and we will evaluate from there.”

“The biggest items on the table right now are the protection of people’s homes, families and dreams. It’s pretty tough to accomplish this without a job. Instead of looking to our corporate partners here in Illinois to help create and foster an environment where everyone wins, we have forced them to look elsewhere, and they are leaving. They have not just stopped hiring; they are relocating out of Illinois.”

“Small business owners don’t seem to have it any better. The layers of bureaucracy and paperwork are staggering. In the town hall meetings I have attended, the small business person is feeling the State’s pinch and excess government. Property taxes are out of control, corporate income taxes have escalated again along with overly complex tax codes, permits for everything under the rainbow and fees to join them. Protecting the public is one thing, but we have just shifted too far.”

Surges is no stranger to elected office as a twice elected official in Gilberts. During his terms the targets were clear:

  • stabilize the town’s facilities planning area by opening a water and waste water treatment facility;
  • expand the parks and recreational areas to serve the residents; and
  • create the visioning committee/comprehensive plan for the future.

As a small business owner, he started his insurance agency in 1993 from scratch. His agency has earned the Hall of Fame designation with American Family Insurance, a Fortune 300 company, has received several profit awards and the prestigious JD Powers Distinguished Agency designation.

He has also

  • spent time in service to neighboring towns as a consultant with Municipal Design Group,
  • currently volunteers as the President of the Jacobs High School Booster Club that has raised just over $500,000 over the past 5 years to help offset budgetary shortfalls at the high school,
  • is a member of the Strategic Planning Committee for Immanuel Lutheran in East Dundee,
  • is a member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, and
  • has coached a few hundred young athletes in soccer and baseball from St. Charles to the Dundee’s to name a few of his activities.

Cliff and Audrey celebrated their 21st anniversary this past June and have three children, Jake, Colin and Talia. Jake recently graduated Salutatorian from Jacobs High School and is attending Baylor University, Colin is a junior at Jacobs and Talia is in eighth grade at Immanuel Lutheran.

“As a graduate of St. Charles East living in Gilberts, a brother in St. Charles, parents in South Elgin, family in Huntley and children attending school in Algonquin, I feel I am well positioned to serve the 33rd District.”


Karen McConnaughay Draws Opposition in Cliff Surges — 4 Comments

  1. Now that Former Gilberts Village Trustee Cliff Sturges is in the race for 33rd state senate district, I would look to see Mr. Koppie make a swift exit. Sturges, also of Rutland Township like Koppie, will be the one conservatives and TEA partiers will flock to in the race against establishment favorite Kane County Board Chairman Karen McConnaughay.

    Now this race can begin in earnest.

  2. Welcome to the race Mr. Surges. You are a needed addition to the race. In the meantime Karen McConnaughay and those that have spent Kane County into the poorhouse will try to manipulate, orchestrate and urge you to consider a deal to get out of the race.

    Karen is fearful of any even playing field in any campaign challenge and watch her do whatever it takes to eliminate any real competition.

    With the help of hundreds that have silently watched Karen McConnaughay all but turn ethics on its ear here you can prevail.

    Oh, and don’t expect any help from the polticial establishment in McHenry County. Perhaps Rep. Tryon is just waiting for the Senate appt. should Karen and friends seek higher office.

  3. Chad Koppie is the best conservative candidate, in that race, since he’s the conservative who has the most political experience. He’s been a school board member, a Rutland Township trustee, and a member of the Kane Co. Regional Board of Schools. He has had tea party views for at least 20 years, so many members of the Kane Co. Tea Party will volunteer for Chad.

    Chad is known, statewide, as a conservative, since, in 1998, he was the only conservative who opposed George Ryan, in the primary. Chad is pro-tax cuts, pro-spending cuts, pro-life, pro-death penalty, pro-gun rights, pro-school vouchers, and anti-illegal alien.

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