Grafton Township Bickering Continues

I asked a new face at the Grafton Township Meeting Thursday night what had attracted him.  I think he mentioned that he wanted to see the fireworks.

Our conversation happened during an Executive (secret) Session in which four of the five Board members(Trustee Barb Murphy was absent) were talking about selling or leasing property (presumably the Haligus Road lot bought in anticipation of building a new Township Hall) and hiring a “special counsel,” as Supervisor Linda Moore put it.

Everyone attending the meeting stuck around until after the closed session.

Nothing happened except adjournment.

There were the usual disputes between the Township Supervisor, the Trustees, the Road Commissioner, the Assessor.

It reminded me of the 1940’s radio show we would listen to on nights coming home to Easton, Maryland, from St. Michaels, Maryland.

Trustee Gerry McMahon repeatedly asked when he was going to get paid.

It was called “The Bickersons.”

Highlights included Township Road Commissioner Jack Freund, by way of his attorney Patrick Coen, informing the Supervisor that the lease signed a year ago gave the Road Commissioner possession of the back room being used by Supervisor Linda Moore for a General Assistance Food Pantry.  There’s even a donated refrigerator in the room.

Moore countered by asking if the Road Commissioner was really going to evict the Food Pantry and pointing to the futile efforts of the Township Trustees to determine which offices she could occupy.

There was a dispute as to whether Township Assessor Bill Ottley could get half the cost of better insulated windows he wanted installed paid up front.

Whether expenses to pay for monthly McHenry County Council of Governments’ dinners were legitimate expenses or should be considered additional income was discussed.  Moore agreed to continue payment as had been the case for the last eight years.

Trustee Gerry McMahon wondered numerous times when he was going to get paid.  Last meeting, when the audit was being presented, he left after about 12 minutes.

But, there was more agreement than usual.

They did agree to go into Executive Session and they did seem to be interviewing the attorney.

There was talk of another meeting next week to discuss what had been discussed in secret.


Grafton Township Bickering Continues — 1 Comment

  1. Cal, You forgot to mention how Linda hasn’t been paying rent on the space even though the trustees have been approving it.

    “Moore countered by asking if the Road Commissioner was really going to evict the Food Pantry”

    Funny…wasn’t it Linda who forced out the original Grafton Township Food Panty and refused to give their location when asked?

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