Recognizing Police, Fire & Military at the Johnsburg Parade on 9-11

The next the last parade this year in McHenry County was in the Saufen und Spiel one in Johnsburg on Sunday, 9-11.

This Johnsburg Police Car led the parade.

As usual police and fire vehicles were in front.

Next were Johnsburg Police Chief and I’m assuming an official of the McHenry Township Fire Protection District.

Johnsburg Police Chief Keith Von Allmen and a McHenry Fire Protection District Official I'm sure someone will identify in the commnet section.

A squad car from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department followed the Johnsburg Police squad car.

Unidentified Sheriff's Deputy drives the Department's only entry in this non-election year.

Unlike in Crystal Lake, Sheriff Keith Nygren was not driving it.  Just as in Lake in the Hills, the Sheriff was not in the parade.

The Color Guard came next.

Fill me in on who is in the Color Guard and I'll add their names.

The Johnsburg Rescue Squad–oldest in McHenry County and founded in 1952–had what I’m guessing was its original vehicle.

The old Rescue Squad vehicle caught the attention of those taking photos.

Equipment from the McHenry Township Fire Protection District came next.

If there were a fire in Johnsburg on early Sunday afternoon, the McHenry Fire Protection District would have had it covered.

Parade Marshal Ron Rich and his wife Mary Ann were in the first car behind the fire trucks.

Ron and Mary Ann Rich wave to the crowd where next year there will be a traffic circle.

Rich served the Boy Scouts for 25 years as the Kishwaukee District Boy Scout Commissioner and local Boy Scout leader.

I got the details of why Ron Rich was being honored as Parade Marshal before the parade began.

He chaired the Saufen und Spiel and parade for three years. An active member of the Knights of Columbus #9167, he worked fund raisers, among other activities.

Rich was also on the board that was responsible for Johnsburg becoming a village.

Besides being associated with the Johnsburg Boys Baseball League, he served fifteen years on the chain gang for Johnsburg High School’s football teams.

Rich was also chairman for the Johnsburg Club’s Building and Grounds Committee and cut the grass.

A trailer of Veterans came next.

World War II veterans sat in the front row of this trailer of those who served in our county's Armed Services.

Village President Ed Hetterman followed the Veterans. I talked with his driver, whom I assume is his wife.

Johnsburg Village President Ed Hetterman goes back for more candy as he works the other side of the road.

She told me that he had the opportunity to ride in a Bentley, but didn’t want to upstage the Police and Fire personnel, whom he though should be being honored on the anniversary of 9-11.

There were intervening entries of politicians, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.  Then I spotted this Gary Lang vehicle pulling a decorated boat.

What caught my attention was the message: "In remembrance of 9-11-01. We will never forget!"

Gymnasts, the Johnsburg State Bank, Girl Scouts, some commercial floats came before the next entry referencing the significance of the day.

The message of this St. John the Baptist Catholic School float had this 9-11 message, "Thank you and God bless our first responders Police Fire Rescue ER."

It was the St. John the Baptist Catholic School float.  Young students not alive when the World Trade Center and the Pentagon  were hit waved below the sign.

The Johnsburg Library entry had this message on its back: "Read, Reflect, Remember."

Stade's Farm Market used the Johnsburg Parade to advertise an antique equipment show next weekend.

Right behind was a van from the Johnsburg Library.  The announcer said Sunday library hours were to resume soon.

Advertising a September 17 and 18 Stade’s Farm Market exhibit of antique tractors, truck and construction equipment was a billboard and lots of tractors.

A 1941 Farmall tractor had a flag with a 9-11 theme.

The message on the flag was

In Remembrance of

The Fallen


Ten Years Gone.

Never Forgotten

The owner of this 1941 Farmall tractor flew a 9-11 flag from its back. You c an see the top of the message.

The flag had a bald eagle’s head superimposed on a field of stars in the upper left hand corner. To the right was the New York City skyline.

The wind would not cooperate so I could capture the whole message of the 9-11 remembrance flag in one shot. Here you see its bottom.

The text was superimposed on the white stripes.

And that was all I saw concerning the evil 9-11 attacks in the parade.

While chatting with folks in the food and entertainment tent area, I noticed Wonder Lake Fire Protection District Trustee Cheryl Hammerand was wearing a distinctive 9-11 tee shirt.

You see it below:

The Wonder Lake Fire Protection District designed this tee shirt to commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9-11.

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