McHenry County College Retirees Don’t Make BGA’s Attrocity List

Walt Packard got quite a going away present from the MCC Board.

The Better Government Association, following in Jim Tobin’s footsteps, has revealed large pension payouts to those who have retired from community colleges in the Chicago area.

Mercifully, McHenry County College is not mentioned in the expose.

Lake County College comes in for hits concerning its salary generosity, which, of course, leads to high pensions.

The spreadsheet provided accumulates each year’s pension payment and finds those who have received over a million dollars.

There is only one person’s name from McHenry County College on list of the top 100 pensioners:

Walter Packard

The former President, who left under unexplained circumstances after championing

  • a minor league baseball stadium for which taxpayers would have been on the hook and
  • the tallest broadcast town in Illinois,

was found to have received $137,122.67.

He retired at age 62, the spreadsheet says.

Information about his college-paid health insurance is here.

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