Politicians in Johnsburg Parade – Part 1, Village, Jack Franks & Pam Althoff

The Saufen und Speil Parade was in Johnsburg last Saturday, but I didn’t get around to sharing with you most of what I saw about the politicians on display.

In my post last weekend, which concentrated on 9-11 connections, I mentioned that Sheriff Keith Nygren was not present. The last I attended was Crystal Lake’s 4th of July Parade. There, the Sheriff was driving a regular squad car with no indication he was inside if one did not see him.

McHnery County Sheriff Keith Nygren delegated parade participation to a deputy in Johnsburg.

In Johnsburg, there also was a single squad car, but a deputy was at the wheel.

The local village officials were on display.

Johnsburg Village President Ed Hettermann was handing out candy.

Village President Ed Hettermann’s was first, walking this year.  (Last year he was driving a wonderful antique blue car.)

There were village trustees waving to the crowd  from two dump trucks, but I didn’t get any long shots.

Before the band came girls waving flags.

Next came the Johnsburg High School Band.  I made the mistake of shooting into the sun, but did get flag waving girls.

Right behind was the first political entry.

Two supporters of Democrat State Rep. Jack Franks carried a banner supporting Franks and Republican State Sen. Pam Althoff.

It was a joint one, bi-partisan in nature.   The banner was not weighted on its bottom, though, so it was hard for people to read.

Tnis young lady was the Jack Franks first "outrider."

There were walkers next to the people lining the road.

The convertible didn't carrying waving people, but it did provide name identification.

There was a convertible with an empty back seat, but with Jack Franks signs.  Couldn’t have been meant for the legislator, because he walks or runs in parades when he is in danger of being left behind.

Another vehicle with Jack Franks yard signs attached.

There was a second vehicle, a white pickup truck and more volunteers for Jack Franks walking on the edges of the street.

There was a flag on the back of the pickup and more volunteers.

There was a sign on the pickup saying, “Thank you for your support.  Jack & Debbie.”

A view of most of the Jack Franks contingent as they walked past the reviewing stand.

The yard signs did not indicate what office Franks is seeking.

Two men were handing out goodies to the kids.

But, there were still more people wearing Jack Franks tee shirts.

A little girls was learning a lesson in retail politics as she tried to keep up with her mother.

Finally I spotted something other than the banner with Althoff’s name on it.

Pal Althoff had yard signs affixed to a vehicle.

It was a black SUV with a young man wearing a Jack Franks tee shirt in front of it.

More folks with Jack Franks candy followed Pam Athoff's vehicle..

After that there were still more people with Jack Franks tee shirts passing out candy.

Two young men bought up the rear carrying buckets of Double Bubbly Gum.

But, where were Althoff and Franks?

McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s yellow convertible was coming up and no sight of either.

Pam Althoff was way behind her SUV. I finally spotted her behind Lou Bianchi's car.

She walked over and I asked her where Jack was.

“He’s in Cuba,” she said.

= = = = =

Tomorrow we’ll see what other Republicans were doing at the parade.

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