Politicians in Johnsburg Parade – Part 2, McHenry County & County Board

Yesterday, you saw the turnout of volunteers for Democrat State Rep. Jack Franks, who was in Cuba, plus Republican State Senator Pam Althoff.

Today we look at the other politicians who showed up–all Republicans.

Right after the joint Franks-Althoff entry was McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi.

A year ago Johnsburg’s Saufen und Spiel Parade occurred immediately after Bianchi was indicted for a second time by the Special Prosecutors appointed by then-Associated Judge Gordon Graham (running for Circuit Court Judge).

Bianchi was walking, determined not to be run out of the courthouse by the charges (which were found to be so without merit that the Judge dismissed them without requiring Bianchi to put on any evidence).

McHenry County State's Attorney Lou Bianchi and his wife Jean wave to the folks lining the road.

This year he and his wife Jean were riding in a yellow convertible.

The parade was moving much faster than while the Jack Franks-Pam Althoff contingent was passing where I was standing, so I didn’t get lots of photos of the people walking in support of Bianchi, who has announced his candidacy for a third term. There were plenty of them, however.

Congressman Joe Walsh's group at the Johnsburg Parade.

You can see one handing out either booklets or candy in front of Congressman Joe Walsh’s banner.

Just as Pam Althoff fell behind her unit, Lou Bianchi's people overlapped Joe Walsh's unit.

No competing entry from Melissa Bean this year.

The owner of the little red car allowed Joe Walsh bumper stickers on its paint.

After the red car came men carrying flags and walkers carrying signs.

Men carrying flags were next.

Followed by people carrying signs

Joe Walsh was moving fast in the Johnsburg parade.

Then, Congressman Joe Walsh burst into my viewfinder.

Walsh outpaced these followers.

Supports were walking behind him.

As he did last year, Joe Walsh greeting those at the announcer's booth.

As I turned to watch Walsh, he was greeting parade officials.

A Joe Walsh pickup truck was filled with American Flags.

Almost bringing up the rear was a pickup truck filled with American Flags.

A mother and her daughter were passing out candy at the end of Joe Walsh's entry in the Johnsburg Parade.

And bringing up the rear was a little girl and her mother handing out candy.

So, who had the most walkers?

I don’t know if it was Jack Franks (see yesterday’s article) or Joe Walsh.

Since the two might end up facing off against one another if Walsh runs in the 14th District and is victorious over Congressman Randy Hultgren, some might want to compare photos of the two candidates’ entries.

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McHenry County Board candidates tomorrow.

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