County Reacts to Severe July Storm

A press release from McHenry County:

McHenry County Launches Emergency Management Coordinating Council

WOODSTOCK, IL – In the aftermath of the wind storm on Monday, July 11, a large portion of McHenry County citizens experienced extended power outages, Many local governments worked to provide citizens with essential services to get them through extended periods of power loss.

The Ray Christe home in Lakewood from behind the fallen trees in the back yard.

McHenry County officially kicked-off its Emergency Management Coordinating Council on Thursday, September 16th.

Pam Althoff addresses the group.

The Council will serve in a coordinating role for State, township, municipal, and County functions to pool their collective knowledge to support preparation and mitigation efforts.

This coordination will lead to more efficient and cooperative resource management during emergencies and disasters throughout the County.

State Senator Pamela Althoff was the keynote speaker at the first Coordinating Council meeting and expressed the importance the Council will play with sharing best management practice and the importance of cooperative disaster management.

McHenry County Director of Emergency Management David Christensen agreed with Senator Althoff’s comments on the value of a coordinated effort.

“In McHenry County, the Emergency Management Coordinating Council will be the engine to effectively pool our resources to all local entities and efficiently mitigate disasters should the need arise.”

The Council will implement these efforts through the enhancement and development of emergency operations plans for all jurisdictions, review and implementation of best practices, fostering networking across disciplines, exploring grant opportunities, regional mutual aid, preliminary damage assessment, and standardized practices.

For more information on the McHenry County Emergency Management Coordinating Council, please contact David Christensen at 815-338-6400.

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