Rembering Why I Didn’t Support Mitt Romney Four Years Ago

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass reminded me Sunday why I didn’t support former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney four years ago.

Mitt Romney has never committed to keep equal opportunity political corruption fighter Patrick Fitzgerald on the job, if he became President.

He refused to say he would retain Patrick Fitzgerald as Chicago’s U.S. Attorney.

Call be crazy, but I don’t think if Fitzgerald had been replaced or if he is replaced in the future with an attorney with local contacts that the campaign against the corruption so infecting the body politic in Illinois would have (will) continue.

The irony is that both Senator Dick Durbin and pre-President Barack Obama promised to keep Fitzgerald on, even though he was getting close to Mayor Richard Daley.

The reason the GOP establishment wants us to believe that its members want to get rid of Fitzgerald is that he prosecuted and convicted Vice President Dick Cheney’s assistant Scooter Libby for perjury.

Lying to a Federal Agent.

Some of us think the real reason that Fitzgerald was named as Special Prosecutor in the Valerie Plame leak case was to distract him from rooting out political crooks in Illinois.

Fortunately, that strategy did not work.

Besides that diversion, I’m been told that his Chicago office was assigned the task of reviewing a treaty on Antarctica.

Just the place where you’d think you would find experts on that subject, right?

Anything to put Fitzgerald assistants to work on anything but political corruption.

Romney’s answer to Don Wade and Roma on WLS-TV was

“Oh, I can’t possibly make that, he-heh, assessment now. It’s a little ahead of my time. A little presumptuous of me to be picking U.S. Attorneys.”

Let’s see.

The two Democrats who would make the choice say they would keep Fitzgerald, but a leading Republican couldn’t say the same thing.

I thought that spoke volumes then.

It still does.

If I ever get a chance to ask him a question, that will be the subject.


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  1. I think Mitt’s tune will change as issues come into more focus. I think a lot of the Cellini/Kjellander stuff (and I agree with Kass about those guys) and their tie-ins is much more of a local issue and not high on Romney’s radar. having said, should Cellini be found guilty, Mitt will have to disavow him and return his campaign funds. It’s something (as a fervent Romney supporter) would like to see him do now. But otherwise is Kass throwing out the baby with the bath water on that issue? I think so.

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