Huntley Tea Party Plans Tuesday Forum on 2nd Amendment & Concealed Carry

Here’s the press release with the details:

Public Forum on the 2nd Amendment and Conceal Carry

The Huntley Area Tea Party will present a Public Forum on Tuesday September 27th on the Subject of the 2nd Amendment and the Right of Citizens to Conceal Carry. This will be held in the Willow Room at the Cosman Cultural Center in Huntley Illinois starting at 6:30pm.
Featured Panel members will be:

  • State Representative Mike Tryon (co-sponsor) of the bill to enable Conceal Carry in Illinois
  • A Representative from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
  • A Representative from the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA)

Each panel member will present their views on these issues along with specific reasons and facts supporting their views. The panel will then take questions from the audience.

By presenting both sides of this controversial issue we hope to provide the public with factual information and stimulate meaningful and respectful discussion.

Part of the audience at the 2010 Huntley Tea Party candidates' night.

The Cosman Cultural Center is located 12015 Mill Street in Huntley, Illinois 60142

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