Undersheriff Andy Zinke Announces Candidacy for Sheriff

I’d looked before for a campaign disclosure filing with the Illinois State Board of Elections, but there was nothing for Andy Zinke.  Today, while reading Gus Philpott’s Woodstock Advocate I learned that a D-1 was filed Monday.

It signifies that Zinke has raised more than $3,000.

Waiting for this image to upload, I looked at the percentage of hits on McHenry County Blog and found #2 (2% in this instance) to be those searching in vain for a person in the County Jail. Maybe a new Sheriff will create a way for those searching for people to find out if they are incarcerated in Woodstock.

At a Nunda Township Republican Central Committee meeting, Sheriff Keith Nygren and Andy Zinke were chatting up District County Board candidate Lyn Orphal.

I had looked earlier because the rumor mill said a member of the Sheriff’s Merit Commission appointed by Sheriff Keith Nygren was hosting a $250 a person fund raiser for Zinke.

Since the office of McHenry County Sheriff is not up until 2014, one might wonder what is going on.

Since before the 2010 election, the grapevine has been saying that Nygren does not intend to complete his term in office.

You know how local Republicans like to give the Establishment’s favorite a head start by appointing him or her to a vacancy.

Such vacancies can be filled by appointment of the County Board if a resignation comes less than 28 months before the next Sheriff takes office on December 1, 2012.

So under that scenario, a resignation by Nygren would have to come by next August.

If Nygren decides to leave office before then, there would be an election.

It could even be for a two-year term with the election being next year, if he retires early enough

If he resigned too late for a primary election to decide who would be on the fall ballot, then I believe the Republican Central Committee members would make the choice.


Undersheriff Andy Zinke Announces Candidacy for Sheriff — 6 Comments

  1. Cal, what happens if Nygren retires before the 2012 primary elections? Would the position of Sheriff be part of the 2012 general elections? You can guess why I may be interested in such things.

  2. Depends on when the resignation is.

    If before the end of filing for the 2012 elections in Dec., I believe there would be a primary election. Of course, only one candidate might have enough notice to get sufficient signatures to get on the ballot.

    If after that date, but before some date in August, the members of the Republican Central Committee would put someone on the fall ballot.

    Considering that so very many precincts have no GOP candidate for Precinct Committeeman, whoever is elected County Chairman will probably be able to appoint enough placeholders as Precinct Committeeman to put anyone on the ballot he or she desires.

    But would have to check with an election atty to make certain.

  3. With the above scenario, how does a Democratic opponent get on the 2012 General Election ballot? (Sheriff should be a non-partisan position anyway) Zane, you could run as a Democrat. Nygren switched from Democrat to Republican to win, so why can’t you switch?

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