Regional Superintendent of Schools on Ballot in 2012

The Regional Superintendent of Schools elected on an unopposed ballot in 2010 resigned when the salary was cut.

It will be to fill out the remaining two years of the term that started July 1st.

About a dozen people applied to fill the vacancy in McHenry County, but only one was found to meet the requirements set set by state statute.

And he didn’t want to give up his principal’s job on the hope that the General Assembly would override Governor Pat Quinn’s veto of the line item in the Federal budget for salaries for the job.

There is a ridiculously stringent requirement that is so sexist I can hardly believe it.

It requires those running or wishing to be appointed to the office to have been employed in a school recently.

Pam Althoff

No certificated administrators need apply who have taken the Mommy track and stayed home to raise young children.

In McHenry County another now relatively long-time resident was the Superintendent for Samoa.   She’s not qualified for the position either, not that the Home Schooler would want it.

I emailed our Republican legislators today urging them to try to lower the requirements for this elected position.

State Senator Pam Althoff said she had already talked about the problem with County Board Chairman Ken Koehler and was working on the issue.


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